StartGame: 5 Minutes With... LittleBigPlanet 2

I think that most of us will agree that the original LittleBigPlanet was a masterpiece, with a fantastic overall design, awesome levels (even The Bunker, which was actually my favourite) and the mind-blowing level editor which allowed you to create pretty much anything that you wanted to. The community stepped up and created millions of their own levels, using every last ounce of their collective imagination to do things which wowed both players and Media Molecule themselves.

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360RRODFIX3292d ago

Beta was so boring and so much of the same(as in LBP1) that i turned it off after 5 minutes of playing it.

Omar913292d ago

the game is far from boring... i dont know how you....oh wait... i just read your name.. nvm

DeathGazer3292d ago

You didn't deserve to be in the beta.

360RRODFIX3292d ago

I am in almost every beta there is on PS3, i just speak the truth. BTw AC brotherhood MP beta is awesome.

DORMIN3291d ago

Yeah we believe you are in every beta there is on the PS3


asyouburn3292d ago

read this article on a bunch of the changes theyve made (since you cant be bothered to play more than five minutes of it)

360RRODFIX3292d ago

adding grappling hook hardly is major change. All thsoe tools for making levels and how you can have story this time around, who cares i want to play games, i dont have hours to waste on making levels and not get payed. I have a life, srry.

thief3292d ago

you crack me up...everytime.

But, on topic, I wish this game came on time and GT5 was delayed instead (I know I will be lynched if I said this in ftont of the GT5 fans in my office)

shazui1233292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

You're an idiot, LBP2 is very, very different to LBP1 and is probably the most unique title of any releasing this year or next. Fail.

@thief, presonally, I'd prefer GT5 before LBP2, if I had to choose. But I'd prefer LBP2 before any other game coming out (maybe besides TLG)

dead_eye3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

your not in the beta

edit and you know fuck all about the game if you think adding grappling hooks is all thats changed lol

olit1233291d ago

Wow, a troll that dares to come back after he throws his S**t in the room.

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Omar913292d ago

well i love the concept of lbp and all. but to be honest, im not creative.. and therefore the whole creating levels is so difficult for me lol. i love the game but never played it as much as i would of. now with lbp2 im not sure if i should get it.

Cirran3292d ago

You dont have to be creative to play the thousands of different levels and games.

Omar913292d ago

thats true but i feel like im missing apart of the game. like im not getting my moneys worth

NBT913292d ago

From what I have played of LBP2, it's enough better to justify the developer's decision of making it a fully fledged sequel... Bits I have seen / played are leagues ahead of the original game's best stuff!

It's impressive.... But still not my type of game tbh, it's quite boring to actually play I thought.

dead_eye3292d ago

yeah who likes platform games.

mantisimo3291d ago

and although I haven't made a level yet, just playing through some of the new levels is great fun and some levels are pure genius (can mention the Flow one as it's already been shown)

Big step up from 1 especially the new tools to build with.

Redempteur3291d ago

the sack bots , the full pads integration and the multi layers are awesome it changes a lot ..
LBP 1 is awesome but the "plus "factor of LBP2 is incredible weeks after the star of teh beta when keep seeing new potential

dead_eye3291d ago

@mantisimo lucky s.o.b. Yeah some of the levels and idea's i've seen on youtube are amazing can't wait to get my hands on it.

olit1233291d ago

@mantisimo People are free to talk about the beta as much as they like now.

mantisimo3291d ago

Ok thanks, only just got the code from Tom @ media by begging him at eurogamer and my intro e-mail said I would die if I talked about it! :)