11 Minutes of Medal of Honor Multiplayer Gameplay

11 minutes of pure moh gameplay, subscribe to our youtube for more

Black ops gameplay soon as well !

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RPcinemas3299d ago

nice video dude, looks like a big improvement from the beta !

xYLeinen3299d ago

Heh, this is gameplay from the first beta they had >_>

3299d ago
Colinwhite833299d ago

yeah i recorded this straight from the full game it just happened it was that map from the beta i recorded, its from the full game

Newlove3299d ago

How'd this get approved? It's someome advertising their YouTube channel using old footage that was released around E3. And yes, it IS old as I seen this months ago and you can find it uploaded elsewhere back in June. The pop-ups when you get a kill aren't even like that anymore so if that isn't proof enough then what is?

BlazeXXL3299d ago

Agreed with Newlove. I've seen the exact same video months ago... This is from the beta.

xYLeinen3299d ago

How can you guys disagree?

There are changes in here which got removed from the first beta testing. These changes are NOT in the retail game.

aceitman3299d ago

this is new and its being played on the 360 there was no beta for the 360 just ps3

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Deputydon3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

This is definitely from the first beta. The new beta didn't have the orange banner behind the pop up points. Watch any of the footage from the new beta and you'll see what I'm referring to. And they also moved up the kill streak points so you need 50 for the first one and I think the second one was 130.

DelbertGrady3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

It doesn't look as good as BF BC 2 but since I've played that game to bits, and didn't care much for Halo: Reach's MP, I'm picking it up. Been starving to find something to replace BF BC 2 with.

I've seen some gameplay vids from the MOH and it seems like the sniper is somewhat overpowered. Especially on the snow level. Anyone who can attest to that? If so, I hope it's resolved in the retail version.

@awesomeguy19 - I'm getting this first and then selling it if Black Ops turns out to be good. Never been into COD before but if the new one is better than MW2 I might give it a go for the MP.

Colinwhite833299d ago

yeah good idea its a good game you wont be disappointed :D

Blinding_Solo3299d ago

Is it only me but do these maps seem claustrophobic like MW2 maps? The first one seems the same size like Scrapyard from MW2. I hate claustrophobic maps. Can someone tell me if there will be bigger maps. That is why BFBC 2 was so fun to me. I hate random spawn points in a small map like in MW2 most of the time I spawn with someone running at me then boom stabbed or you spawn in front of someone shooting your way.

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The story is too old to be commented.