CoD: Black Ops dedicated servers - Treyarch 'never wavered'

Treyarch has claimed that Call Of Duty: Black Ops will be a "true PC title" - and said it "never wavered" over whether it would introduce dedicated servers for the upcoming FPS.

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xYLeinen3293d ago

I'm unsure about this because I've read different things across the web. The console version of the game is also getting dedicated servers right? Anyone who can confirm that?

TheIneffableBob3293d ago

Console versions are still peer-to-peer.

mastiffchild3293d ago

Which, imho, is the single biggest disgrace in gaming today. The COD series turns a MASSIVE profit and year in, year out we get the same basic game with a tiny tweak here and an adjusted(or stolen) MP mode there to justify our annual purchase when the single, easiest and most obvious way to improve the games is to simply add dedicated servers for EVERY HD platform. IF BO were having dedicated servers on console I'd probably buy COD this year-it would deserve it for finally caving in and doping the decent thing. Hell, I'd be interested enough in merely seeing how it runs with proper support to do so!

With MW2 IW and cti cut every possible cost and corner-from QA and beta testing to having a development budget half that of the marketers-and it showed. I'm not knocking the base game(COD is what it is and for it's market it's near flawless on it's base COD4 level)because , whether it's to your taste or not, it's a good game but it would instantly be better with dedicated servers and when, the rest of the time, they piss about with killstreak rewards as the differences between this and last years multi wouldn't it be good to see them actually IMPROVE the game and reward COD gamers' loyalty?

When games as, relatively, small as Warhawk can manage dedicated servers why on Earth can't Activision with the biggest shooters on the planet? P2P in 2010? Surely not from the market leading franchise? You'd also think either IW or Treyarch still had a few people on the books who like gaming and would like their game playable in the best possible ways-which doesn't include creaky, BS P2P. Not for me and not in this day and age. Christ, even Gears3 is thinking about this now! Don't tell us we have to have an online mess the same size as Gears2 did for COD to finally move into this century, do we?

Am I alone ion feeling dedicated servers for all would go a long way to stopping gamers fee;ling like COD BO is just COD4(again) but in a different wrapper? Sure, it's a good game but can't it move forwards now? Hasn't that particular formula made ENOUGH money yet? When do WE get rewarded for supporting your games?

imvix3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


"to improve the games is to simply add dedicated servers for EVERY HD platform."

The HD platforms "consoles", dont run this in HD, consoles run this in 620p. Any 3-4 yr old PC with a decent mid range gpu will run this in 1080p.

89Usd gpu of today the ATI 5670 runs this in 1080p. Benchmark of a 400usd PC running MW2 in 1080p highest settings 70fps. The same system will be running this in 1080p and at 70fps.

Id suggest getting the game on PC, since its really HD and already supports dedicated servers and mods.

Edit: Console gaming has a trend of milking the user, COD never saw a yearly sequeal before current gen consoles. Which is why they could be waiting until they have milked the franchise dry. Once they see it needs the extra push, they may release Dedicated servers down the line for the next COD or may be the one after, then advertise that as a next gen feature. People will rush to buy i am sure.

evrfighter3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

unfortunately Mastiff, Imvix is correct. CoD on console is not a "high-def" title.

nowadays calling 720p HD is REALLLLLY stretching it and CoD doesn't even achieve that. A lot of us were playing at a higher res for almost a decade.

I'm on the fence on black-ops still. FF14 was a bust. I do have MoH in the mail on its way to me. wasn't thrilled about the beta though and I re-activated my wow account after almost 6 years (mostly because ff14 left me wanting a streamlined mmo).

I may just end up getting it tbh. I really want something to hold me over until GW2, Bf3, or Diablo3 comes out. in no particular order. FF14 was supposed to be it :(

TheIneffableBob3293d ago

Treyarch got a lot of flak for their first Call of Duty games, but since then they've really shown themselves to be a competent developer. They're still just building off of the formula Infinity Ward created, though.

Sarcasm3293d ago

Well to be fair, as long as they are under Activision, they will keep making COD games which is all in the shadow of Infinity Ward.

DelbertGrady3293d ago

COD 3 and WaW aren't as good as any of IW's games. How have they showed that they are competent developers? Just because Black Ops is getting a lot of hype doesn't mean it will be good.

darren_poolies3293d ago

WaW is 10x better than the crap that is MW2.

KyRo3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What a load of rubbish lol. The main gripes with WaW was that it was WWII(which I think is over exaggerated as now we have a million Modern timed war games), the MP40 and the fact it seemed a lot emptier than COD4 and MW2 but that's because everyone don't go around spamming a noobtube or throwing the nuclear like grenades from COD4.

COD4 > WaW >>>>>>> MW2

bumnut3293d ago

"it seemed a lot emptier than COD4 and MW2"

25 a side on pc was awesome, 9 vs 9 for Black ops = no sale for me

Trunkz Jr3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

How did this article get accepted, not only is it old news but it was already up today or the day before -_-

SKUD3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Its a start I guess. Come on BF3!, show them how its done on the PC!.

Trunkz Jr3293d ago

Hell yeah, bring on the Jets! ^^

btw, dedicated servers should be a standard for PC gaming, having it should not make it a "true PC" title, they'll have to offer a lot more for it to become such a thing.

Newtype3293d ago

Wow, PC support. Awesome. I should get the PC version then.

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