EnterBrain : 2010 is the best year for Sony’s PSP

Gamersmint : Fitting since it’s the last year for the console too.

Hirokazu Hamamura, President, Enterbrain has stated that he considers 2010 as the best year for the PSP in Japan.

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ndibu2934d ago

Why? PSP sales are already in the crapper, if people knew there was something better coming along they would simply not bother with it completely and we'd see sales decline even further.
Not everybody can be Nintendo and announce a 3DS and still outsell every console every single week until the very last day.

sinncross2934d ago

Sony haven't announced a PSP2 because:
1) They haven't got a final design.
2) They have't got enough games at the stage to be shown to the public yet.

Clearly 3DS devkits were out earlier... not that it matters, PSP is getting such strong support lately that they're better off holding off the PSP2 unveiling until they are ready. It'll most likely be at E3.

sack_boi2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

It's probably going to be a 3DS rip-off, that's why they haven't announced it yet.

For $599.

Adva2933d ago

Do Mods exist on this website? I see trolls with 1 bubbles who continue to troll everyday.

JLeVRT2933d ago

is the better device in the first place and shouldve sold more, but it's higher price, lack of 2 analog sticks (which wasnt THAT bad) and lack of quality games until THIS year caused it to underperform to Sony's expectations. But hey, 65 million units sold is NOTHING to sneeze at. Good job Sony. And @ndibu... the PSP is doing VERY well in Japan.

pedrami912933d ago

No kiddin'.

MH Freedom Unite sold a whopping 4,034,628 alone in Japan and total of 4,793,128 world wide.

Light Yagami2933d ago

It's over for PSP. 3DS will dominate.

Meisadragon2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

talk about the games not hardware

silvacrest2933d ago

hes just jealous that microsofts answer to the handheld market is windows phone 7

Close_Second2933d ago

...why should we support the PSP2 if you dont know if they're going to turn their back on it like they did with the Go.

Lord Gunchrote2933d ago

Go is still PSP. Still receiving games...hmmm...hater.

Close_Second2933d ago

...and in NZ and games are drip fed. Some games are not even being released on PSN for download. Most of the games are Minis which more often than not rubbish.

Adva2933d ago

What's up with the Trolls in here?
PSP was the only hand-held to compete with Nintendo and guess what? It sold 61million+. The FIRST hand-held by sony.

silvacrest2933d ago

i swear, thats all it is

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