Assassin's Creed 3 could work in WW2 - Ubi

"We could have an Assassin's there," says producer

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Game-ur3294d ago

Why not WW1, I think it’s a better fit because it started with an assassination, or maybe the French or Russian revolutions.

catguykyou3294d ago

Very good point. Also a lot of the war was trench warfare. Would make for some interesting stealth parts.

coolbeans3294d ago

That would be an awesome time. One of Desmond's ancestors originally coined the term "let them eat cake", wait and see :P.

kneon3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I was also thinking that Paris or Saint Petersburg would have been great locations for the next one. I know both cities well and they would be great. And there is no shortage of potential stories in European history.

I've been to many of the major cities in Europe and nearly all of them would work well. London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona etc., the series could go on for a very long time provided they continue to come up with interesting characters and stories.

sonicsidewinder3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Very cool idea. They could really roll with that history and shake it all up.

Central Europe for the setting definetly. Tie it to the bavarian illuminati or something.
Might be too much of a leap in time however.

If not that set it between 17 - 1800's England.

King-Leonidas3293d ago

cmooon we all want to kill nazis with our hidden blades

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Vegeta90003294d ago

Besides, WW2 already has an assassin. A velvet one.

BYE3294d ago

It might have a velvet one, but it still needs a good one.

kneon3294d ago

And we already had The Saboteur, an open world action adventure game set in that era, and it didn't do too well. Though it is one of my favorite games.

mattyHs3294d ago

The Saboteur was a great game. It just got a bit repetitive after the main story.

kneon3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Agreed, but that can be said for most every game of this type. If you're going to go for 100% completion both AC2 and RDR are also a slog. I was fed up with most of the activities in RDR by the 60% point.

And I did complete all 3 to 100%.

Baba19063294d ago

i would like one in china or some asian backstory.

gamerdude1323294d ago

Why does everyone forget about WWI? That was
"The Great War" as well. I'd be more interested in a WWI thing, sorry. Seriously, I think there HAVE been WWI games, but they've all been supernatural.

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The story is too old to be commented.