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NowGamer Reviews Left 4 Dead expansion 'The Sacrifice' on Xbox 360 - "Hands up if you prefer the cast of Left for Dead 2 over the original? Yeah, we thought as much. While we’re not of the thinking that the cast of the sequel is as awful as some might make out, the dynamic of the original team is simply far stronger than their unpopular replacements, and it’s great seeing them back in action as they make a last desperate attempt to escape the zombie apocalypse for good."

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tacosRcool3290d ago

Short but good. Thanks goodness for PC games since they don't charge for DLC!

OpenGL3290d ago

At $7 on Xbox Live, you could have purchased the entire game last weekend on the PC with the DLC while still saving 25 cents. Did I forget to mention better online, graphics, controls...

tacosRcool3290d ago

I haven't bought this game for steam until last thursday since my bro already had it on his steam account and I just used his when I wanted to play it. $10.19 for both L4D and L4D2 on steam. Almost the same price for 1 DLC!

TheColbertinator3290d ago


Its truly amazing what people will pay for.

imvix3290d ago

It sucks that gamers pay for such stuff, it causes a spill over effect and might end up effecting the PC market.

First Xbox gamers pay to go online (which totally sounds insane).
next they pay 10usd over the PC version.
later they paid 7usd extra each time a dlc came out, this is the 2nd dlc i think.

in total thats 24usd extra for a single game, while being limited by grpahics, controls and no mods(valve games rock with mods).

Funny console gaming was supposed to be cheap.

RedDead3290d ago

Just these wankers called Microsoft.

Blacktric3290d ago

I hope Valve releases a version that contains every DLC for L4D2 to counter-attack Microsoft.

newhumanbreed3290d ago

I bought it on the 360. Kind of upset that it's only 3 stages long just like The Passing, but the addition of the original survivors and No Mercy makes up for it.

DuneBuggy3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I got it last night.I like the campaign and agree adding No Mercy was a nice plus.Fun level, but not as difficult as the Passing IMO (I got through the Sacrifice on my first run through with just the AI to help/hinder). The finale was very brief. Playing the "upgraded" No Mercy was cool too. I'm going to give it a go on Live tonight,which is always more fun.
Nice playing as Bill again!

VladimirK3290d ago

Just at all the talk about Valve making a joke at MS' expense, I have to admit I'm losing a fair bit of respect for Valve.

It's not about winding up MS, more folk need to do that to hopefully show MS that they can be prize morons, however, where I do lose respect for them is if they really wanted to show a message or whatever, they should just not sell it on Live.
As far as I can see the only reason to sell in on Live is for the money, that's where I lose the respect for them. Apparently only willing to do enough to have a stab at MS so long as they still get their money from it.

Tbh, my estimations of them started slipping as soon as Gabe Newell came on stage at E3.
Don't get me wrong, Portal 2 on PS3, awesome, what is bad imo is Newell saying how much he dislikes the PS3 but then to come on stage at E3 and practically fellate Sony.

Before somebody points it out, yeah I get that it's all just business, but I think they are going about it in a bad way.

As for this DLC, I've got it on my Steam L4D & L4D2, not tried it yet though. However on 360 it's apparently pretty glitchy in terms of achievements unlocking and stuff.