Pachter: 'Sony Has Missed PSP2 Opportunity'

NowGamer speaks to Michael Pachter about the state of PSP2 and how Sony looks to compete with other handhelds. The answer doesn't look good for Sony. Full details here.

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knifefight3290d ago

Dear Pachter,
You know money comes from sources other than just the US, right? Like you know that yen thing? The thing that's kind of like dollars, but a lot stronger in the current economy? Yeah the current PSP is raking in shiploads of those so need to rush things.

I'm no apologist, but I think Sony's done a lot better with its systems and hardware than Pachter has with his.

Cloudberry3290d ago

But I do acknowledge your comments about Twisted Metal PS3 before E3 2010 & XBL price increase, if I'm not mistaken.

But you're the same guy whose saying other stuffs like "Alan Wake would be huge in sales" or "Red Dead Redemption wouldn't cater to gamers because it's an old western style game."

And I'm still waiting for those Blu-Ray-less PS3 just like you said, lol.

From the article: Pachter continued, "Someone should give them a time machine to go back and fix all of this before it happened."

I somehow find the irony about the time machine & most his predictions... : /

FiftyFourPointTwo3290d ago

Dear Pachter,

Put this on your mouth for a while will ya.

Vegeta90003290d ago

I guess that means Sony hasn't missed the PSP2 opportunity.

tdinc3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Yeah like I missed my Opportunity on banging 3 girls at once but settled for 2...
Pachter is the biggest troll..

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