IGN UK: F1 2010 Review

Teething problems don’t obscure the fact that F1 2010 is easily the best Grand Prix game since Geoff Crammond was on the beat. Its driving is second to none and is brought alive by a dynamic weather system, while its racing is as thrilling as the real thing. It’s an exacting take by a team that clearly understands what makes F1 tick, and while a handful of issues hold it back from challenging Forza and Gran Turismo just yet, for now racing fans can rest assured that the world’s fastest sport is in safe hands.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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GamerSciz3292d ago

But not nearly as large amount as F1 2010. If you are a large fan of F1 then go with F1 2010. If you want a taste of it then go with GT5. You can get both if you really want to but then I will just call you a large/diverse car enthusiast. All you would be missing is WRC: The official Game. Haha.

gcolley3292d ago

you can have both. F1 is a different game entirely. GT5 is pure driving, this is the whole F1 experience, not just the driving. Forza 3 has better driving than f1 but not a better season experience. best of both worlds. but then again you need to be an f1 fan to really enjoy it

Hoje03083292d ago

You do, but seeing as how there are a few hundred million of us, the odds are pretty good.

sofocado3292d ago

You can have all 3 of them. No need to hate.

aaron58293292d ago

I love this game... but the bugs like teammate/AI does not have to pit is driving me nuts.. get held up in the pits for non-existing "pitting cars" aint funny !

I'm not gonna play this f*cking game until they release a f*cking patch for it !!