Miyamoto: 'I'm embarassed of Super Mario Bros.'

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima may have called Super Mario Bros. "one of mankind's greatest creations" recently, but that hasn't stopped Shigeru Miyamoto from admitting that he gets a little embarrassed when he sees his 25 year-old classic running today.

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Acquiescence3290d ago

those Japs are hard on themselves aren't they. I wonder if these developers whip themselves while making games.

Cloudberry3290d ago

It means that they're so committed with their creations.

They give their best efforts to make greatest game they've ever created.

THE MAX SPEED 213290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Can't blame it. Whenver you create something(Drawings,Music,Actin g,Games etc etc) when you look at it later(months,years) you always find flaws that that you would like to fix now that you're better.

AWBrawler3290d ago

so true, cos i see my old stories that people love, and i look at it like WTF

DaBadGuy3290d ago

That'd be like giving Bar Refaeli 14 orgasms in a row and saying it should of been 15.


Miyamoto has nothing to be ashamed of. Super Mario Bros changed everything for the better and is one of, if not THE most beloved game of all time.

AWBrawler3290d ago

I love me some Nintendo, but the most loved game of all time is most likely pac man or tetris

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The story is too old to be commented.