PS3 Graw 2 Review 5/5

It may have taken five months, but the wait was well worth it.

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Loudninja4073d ago

I am glad they did not get it a lower score than the 360 version.

Schmitty074073d ago

If a 5/5 is the same as getting a 10, Gamespy has no idea what they are talking about. GRAW 2 is not a 10/10 game

WoodyWood094073d ago

So let me get this right if it was a bad score then that would be correct.

You people are something else.

THC CELL4073d ago

Happy clan support wooo

Schmitty074073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

....have GRAW 2 for the 360 and it has very good clan support

Kyur4ThePain4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

anything about the 360?
Fu(k, the flies are already here.

Anyway, I kind of liked the demo. Can't say the game excited too much, but then I'm a die-hard Socomite. :)

Schmitty074073d ago

I was informing him that the clan support for this game was very good having experience with it. But I guess you can't understand that.

macalatus4073d ago


I get what you're saying (the 360 version has very good clan support and therefore the PS3 will be equally enjoyable too), but the way "my friends" is separated from the rest of the sentence (especially with the "h" of the "have" capitalized) creates the overall message that 360 has better clan support, and therefore superior version. Because of that, people in this room (yes, the same people who had to deal with JOY, POG, theMart, etc)mistook your post for a flame bait (I originally thought it was too, until after re-reading it three times). Hopefully my post would clarify it for everone else to see and stop clicking 'disagrees'.

Kyur4ThePain4073d ago

if I jumped the gun there.

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Longhornbevo4073d ago

I bought the game yesterday and I like it a lot. The graphics are definitely better than Vegas' and it plays very well. Couple times the framerate hitched a bit but it did not take away from the experience. The explosions and the sound in this game are amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.