Yuji Naka on Dreamcast 2, 360/PS3

Sega legend speaks to CVG in a just-published interview...

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knifefight3297d ago

I mean honestly, he says one non-committal thing about a hypothetical Dreamcast 2, and it starts with a laugh. Title of this N4G submission should be changed to the title of the original article at the site.

Wizziokid3297d ago

I would love a Dreamcast 2 but I can't see it even happening, it would be pretty hard to bring new hardware into the console market and I would hate to see another Dreamcast fail since it was such a great console and my personal all-time favourite.

vhero3297d ago

Talks about Japan slipping behind the west too which I agree with they have done pretty much since this gen started they should give up with the 360 entirely as its obviously not working and concentrate on where the sales are ps3, wii and handhelds as more time dedicated to one console would raise there games and thus there profiles. Western developers are the best for multi-platforms it seems (even though they do shoddy ps3 ports everytime) so leave it to them and get back to basics.

Horny3297d ago

He also mentioned the fact that he doesnt want to work with Sega again

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