Iwata: bad software sales can't be attributed "solely to piracy"

GamerZines writes:

Nintendo's CEO and President Satoru Iwata has revealed his thoughts regarding piracy during a meeting with investors, stating that he doesn't feel that so much blame can be placed upon it in relation to bad software sales.

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VGChartS3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

below mediocre games have to do with it too

frjoethesecond3299d ago

I dunno about that. Modern warfare 2 did fairly well.

sonicsidewinder3299d ago

That shows that 'shit' can be marketed as 'gold'. And people will buy it.

Akagi3299d ago

Pretty sure Activi$ion bought out a lot of reviewers.

hesido3299d ago

High reviews can explain big initial sales and preorders, but how do you explain incredible continued sales?

I myself haven't bought it, but reviews alone cannot explain its sales success.

radphil3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )


That's because the next thing after reviews, is "I'm playing it cause my friends/co-workers got it, so it must be good".

And then about a week or so later we get 'umpteen copies traded back in.

sonicsidewinder3299d ago


somebody buy this guy a beer.

Eamon3299d ago

If it's a good game then yes, there is a chance that a downloaded game could have been a purchase. But if it's crap, then it most definitely would not have been purchased so no loss there.

ChickeyCantor3299d ago

". But if it's crap, then it most definitely would not have been purchased so no loss there."

Actually there is a loss.
The point is to sell your games not hand them out for free(unless its intended that way).

gamerdude1323299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Oh, that's nice, someone who shows my opinion on it (I have that opinion... for no particular reason whatsoever) and they're in Japan. Fantastic.

silvacrest3299d ago

im glad someone with some clout is publicly making this clear

piracy is a problem yes, but the good games sell well whether they have been heavily pirated or not

Kos-Mos3299d ago

Define well.
Demon`s Soul`s and Little King`s Story are top notch games as games, taste or not.
But did they sell well compared to mediocre games like halo, gears, gta, cod, killzone etc?

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