PS3 CHART: Castlevania slays Enslaved

In a reversal of fortunes from the 360 chart, Konami's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has proven more popular than Namco Bandai's Enslaved in the UK's official PS3 sales rankings.

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360RRODFIX2931d ago

stupid title. how can nr6 slay nr7? More or less same c..p, it could be 10 more copies.

2931d ago
Chucky20032931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

really... this is stupid,damn what people do for some attention

AntoineDcoolette2931d ago

Lets see... a new installment in a series that's been around for and building a fan base for 24 years, is published by a Japanese powerhouse, and was in associated production by one of the most revered game development teams vs a new IP from a far lesser known developer. Yeah, these results aren't surprising.

ndibu2931d ago

Other people enjoy gameplay over story. Not saying that Enslaved has no gameplay, I'm just saying the narration is its strongest point. Same goes for Castlevania, gameplay is pretty awesome and it still has a good story.
Then there are some that enjoy impromptu housekeeping and would like their Castle(vania)s wiped clean.
It only deletes. . .

dead_eye2931d ago

some people enjoy trolling over playing games.. sounds silly but it's true

metalanime2931d ago

and some turn their consoles off while saving...

Vegeta90002931d ago

Enslaved is a crappy game made by crappy devs. No need to play that garbage. The demo proved that it had more than enough hand holding with its crappy platforming and bland combat. Castlevania is easily the better game. Besides, why would you want to give money to Ninja Theory? They would just use it to make the new Dante look even more emo than he already is. Then again, they may see how well Castlevania did and they'll add a bunch of werewolves in DMC to make it as much as a Twilight game as possible.

multipayer2931d ago

I thought enslaved had a better demo with more varied gameplay and story improvisations(sorry patrick steward)... Castlevania could probably dominate from just having kojima logo on the box.

metalanime2931d ago

the castlevania demo kinda sucked, but as soon as you pass that, everything in the game overshadows that demo. really bad choice for a demo.

gaffyh2931d ago

@metalanime - Totally 100% agree, the Castlevania demo is actually the first part of the game, and is actually the worst part of the game because it is an intro to the controls really. After that the game is AMAZING, and I'm not over-exaggerating.

Kurisu2931d ago

Enslaved is a great game! Sure, it does hold your hand a little bit with the platforming (shiny things you can hold on to / climb) but I wouldn't say anything was bland. Personally I enjoyed every moment, and I really hope that there will be an Enslaved 2.

MysticStrummer2931d ago

I enjoyed Enslaved, and don't care what they do with Dante.

DigitalAnalog2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Seeing as they did a horrible port. Yes, the fact that they put an INFERIOR audio system on the PS3 was just the final straw. That's not a porting issue, that was a poorly made decision.

-End statement

jc485732931d ago

the audio part still ticks me off, but I still bought the game.

CernaML2931d ago

Although it's a great game, I agree. Enslaved is the only PS3 game that made me think something was wrong with my surround sound. And I have it hooked up via HDMI!

JohnSimpleTon2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Both titles are great but it shouldn't even be that close. Enslaved is an entirely new title while Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a reboot from a well established franchise (with Kojima's blessings). It looks like Enslaved performed as expected and Lords of Shadow under performed a tad.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2930d ago

castlevania was never a big saler.but this game deserves atleast 4million sold it's amazing.

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