Arcania: Gothic 4 - First Review

The first review for Arcania: Gothic 4 is available. And it's not that good...

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OlvaR2928d ago

if it's not that good why on earth would you give it almost 8 out of 10!?

DelbertGrady2928d ago

Everything below 8/10 = fail according to some nutjobs.

toaster2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Foreal man, a 6/10 is enough for me to consider a purchase. People have to learn to lower their expectations and standards.

MrMccormo2928d ago

8/10 is fantastic! I'm glad to see this game (so far) has gottten good scores. I've played Gothic 2 and 3 and both were cool.

Perjoss2928d ago

EDGE seems to be the only guys with the balls to give an average game a 5/10. Most other reviewers go for 7 and 8 when games are average.

kancerkid2928d ago

Hmmm... May want to purchase this now since I think Two Worlds II does not look as good as everyone is making it out to look, and The Witcher 2 may or may not come to consoles.

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JsonHenry2928d ago

From the demo I played on the PC I would have given it an 80-85/100. Sounds like a legit review to me.

After playing the X360 demo however... I would have given it much less due to lower quality visuals and clunky controls.

ATi_Elite2928d ago

This game obviously plays better on the PC but seriously takes a back seat to The Witcher 2 and Two Worlds 2.

someone mentioned a game lower than a 8/10 is FAIL, I agree.

For $40 PC or $60 console games need to be 8, 9, or 10's before I spend my hard earn cash.

ps3rider2928d ago

to translate the website

RyuDrinksTheDew2928d ago

a 7.9 is what i expected.

definitely going to purchase. i need more action rpgs.

gamerdude1322928d ago

How is it not that good", yet gets an 8? I can't read the review cause no one decided the translate it, but the description is misleading as crap. Did anyone report that description while this was awaiting approval?

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The story is too old to be commented.