Resolution: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit preview

Resolution's Andreas Varotsis writes: When Criterion announced to the world they’d be the geniuses behind the next Need for Speed, we all hoped they’d inject some much needed Burnout, speed induced fever into EA’s inconsistent, gangster-wannabe step-child. After much feverish anticipation and general fanboy glee, I finally managed to get my grubby hands on the Hot Pursuit demo at the Eurogamer expo – and the results are not at all what I expected.

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steve30x3294d ago

The reviewer expected another Burnout game instead of a NFS game so they were disapointed lol.

CantHaveOpinionsHere3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I didn't know about this game. I think I'm going to cancel my reservation of gt5 and get this instead. This looks way more fun and faster. Nfs yesssss!

@maximusprime: good for you

@plb: where the trolling? All I see are honest opinions. Is it trolling because YOU don't agree with it? I thought that I could do whatever I want with my money. I'll keep gt5 reserved to make you more cheerful

MaximusPrime3294d ago

good for you.

i reserved NFS, GT5 and TDU2.

thehitman3294d ago

because you prefer NFS over GT5 which I do too xD. GT isnt my type of racing game I just like extreme racing fast/fun. Im worried about this NFS though I think I heard that it doesn't support split screen :|, which could keep my 60 dollars in my pocket.

Supman3294d ago

Hope this game will be good!

whitesoxfalife3294d ago

yea he sound like he was just in love with burnout a lil too much.....i guess nevered played a nfs games at all in his life time to know what need for speed is about i am happy the burnout tam is doing this game and can't wait for it to come out