Gran Turismo 5 Outselling Everything Else In UK

It may not be out until next month, but Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 is way ahead in the pre-order charts according to one retailer.

The title, which launches November 5, is currently top of the all-formats pre-order chart at

Furthermore, Medal of Honor is currently outselling Call of Duty: Black Ops, though with MOH out this week it comes as no surprise that this is currently selling better than Activision’s shooter, which is not out until November 9.

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ndibu2931d ago ShowReplies(14)
Ilikegames762931d ago

Just 22 more days to go before this game is released. A expect a lot of racing fans to be busy playing this game.

FishCake9T42931d ago

Its so close i can almost taste it.... mmmmm GT5 sauce.

sikbeta2931d ago

It's already Began.....

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

Boody-Bandit2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

The closer it gets the further away it feels because my anticipation grows more with each passing day. This is the game I have been waiting for since the PS3 launched. My hands are going to be cramped and I will be turning laps in my sleep from how much I am going to play this title.

"mmmmmm GT5 sauce"
My meal consist of:
GT5 with 1080p display, 5.1 True PCM, GT3 V2/G27 wheel, nice Racing Pod and a comfortable racing seat.

Edit: a disagree. LOL!
Gotta love F4L

2931d ago
vsr2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

That's why it is a monster.

USA - 1.COD, 2.GT5.
Rest of the world - 1.GT5, 2 or beyond. COD

Mark my words.

himdeel2931d ago

...everything else I purchase will be used or downloadable. Saving for gaming onslaught of 2011.

The_Count2931d ago

Thing is Gt5 will still be in the charts come the time next years cod comes out.

tacosRcool2931d ago

I gots to preorder this with my $20 back preordering Medal of Honor

Organization XII2930d ago

I have friends who don't even have a ps3 just ordered GT5, yeah thats how crazy this game is

2930d ago
RedDragan2930d ago

HMV... The UK No. 1 Music, Video and Game store on the highstreet... has GT5 as Number 1 in the Pre-Order charts!!!

It looks like this game is starting to rise up the rankings in most Pre-Order charts now.

It was No. 5 in's PS3 chart last week, now it has risen to Number 3 in the ALL PLATFORMS chart!!! It has also risen to Number 2 in the chart!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we could start seeing this top out more and more Pre-Order charts in the coming weeks!!!

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tatotiburon2931d ago

"according to one retailer" lmao

lexington2930d ago

My goodness this things been in development since the beginning of time!!I'm starting to think of it like duke nukem!!

BWS19822930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Tatotiburon is one the X-fanboys elite, he comes from the long lineage here with POG, Commodore and Aquanox and the likes. GT5 could cure cancer and he'd say "lol, epic fail"

DaTruth2931d ago

I'm not really a racing fan, but I am a quality fan! I wasn't going to get this game, but everything I've heard about it, makes me know it is $120 game for $60.

I wasn't an RPG fan either till Demon's Souls! Some games are just great no matter your genre preferences!

bviperz2930d ago

Spoken like a true gamer! Bravo! You can surprise yourself when you give any game a try.

Run_bare2930d ago

Sometimes it can surprise you, Demon Souls was the best experience i have after Uncharted series this generation.

Hanif-8762931d ago

I'm getting Gran Turismo 5 day 1 but i didn't pre-order and i'm sure alot of people are like me.

TheDeadMetalhead2931d ago

I literally jumped out of my chair at the title. I thought it was actually out in the UK, and I could import it and get it a month early.

Stupid game journalists with their lying titles. ;_;

gtamike2930d ago

GT5 will be epic just as this video shows :D

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madara0sama2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

inb4 this gets trolled more.

EeJLP-2931d ago

What a worthless comment, madara0sama.

In before this gets trolled more? In with what? You said nothing.

madara0sama2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Mad troll is mad. In with what? Does that even make sense to what I said. Your just as dumb as most of the N4G community.

Trebius2931d ago

quit wasting our forum space with your JUNK

madara0sama2930d ago

and you care about the forum space?

SMW2931d ago

My Mrs preordered it for my birthday.

I have 3 sick days lined up.

You do the math....

Djinn2930d ago

i dont get it, u gonna bat off in your room or something?

ELite_Ghost2930d ago

omg same here!!! :D
except for the 3 days... (lucky bastard... )

t0mmyb0y2930d ago

ur going to finish it in 3 days? :D

SMW2930d ago

I wont finish it, But I sure as f*** ain't gonna be working...

t0mmyb0y2930d ago

I just hope the Rally part is really good.

ELite_Ghost2930d ago

I don't think that game has an end :|

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pedrof932931d ago

MOH will disapoint, GT 5 will WIN !

DelbertGrady2931d ago

It's nice that it's number one on but on MOH is ahead of GT5. GT5 is just at #7.

Meisadragon2931d ago

is releasing on 12th right?

360RRODFIX2931d ago

funny.GT5 wont be big as its predecessors, mark my words.

ExplosionSauce2931d ago

1. These games are 1 month apart

2. Amazon pre-orders? really?

pedrof932931d ago

The new MOH is a MW 2 clone.


funny.GT5 wont be big as its predecessors, mark my words.


What would go wrong ? It will be way better than Forza, mark my words.

TengkuAmir102931d ago

You just got a RROD for saying that. Try turning on your 360 now, prettyboy!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2931d ago

Dude why do you even come here if you have nothing to contribute? Beat kid you're annoying.

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vhero2931d ago

People only pre-order at amazon if there are free goodies with the game which they do on some like with the new smackdown. There is none with MOH or GT5 plus with if you pay by paypal which most its users do you have to pay in advance to pre-order. Now forgive me if I am wrong here but paid pre-orders are worth a hell of a lot more than those free pre-orders at amazon you can just cancel at no charge.

DigitalAnalog2931d ago

Yup, I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of GROL's accounts.

-End statement