DHGF - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

DHGF - Usually we start out reviews here at Diehard GameFAN with some teasing opener that is basically, “Maybe the game is good or maybe it’s bad: read on to find out.” Not this time. I’m going to be up front with my opinion of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: I HATED it. After the first three levels I was like, “I hate this game. This thing is awful.

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stuntman_mike3295d ago

im about 4 levels in and im not enjoying it much, he's right about the enemy difficulty up the wall. i had a harder time beating a normal grunt spider than i did any bosses so far its ridiculous.

Lucario3295d ago

Yeah, I hated it. Honestly the ONLY reason people are giving this game a high score is because of the "Castlevania" name. People are purposely blinding themselves to how bad this is because god forbid a CV game SUCK (no pun intended).

stuntman_mike3295d ago

thats why they put kojoma's name on it so it will sell, i doubt he had much to do with this game.

Lucario3295d ago

Stuntman: Yep. It was never meant to be a CV. mercurysteam makes crap games but god forbid anyone wants to admit this even though very few people gave positive comments to their previous games. But once you make a game with a well known franchise's name, very few reviewers or gamers want to actually admit the game isn't very good.

stuntman_mike3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

yeah as i like to say "the fan-boy inside just wont let it go" lol

also i remember awhile back this game wasnt even anything to do with castlevania i think it was just lords of shadow by mercurysteam.