GameStyle - Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Move) Review

GameStyle - We’ve seen countless ‘ultimate’ or ‘game of the year’ editions in recent years, and Capcom has resurrected Resident Evil 5 with a heap of bonus content and added PlayStation Move support.

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blahblah3297d ago

like first i have to admit, i bought gold with move, but only played few minutes. now that i started playing for real, my opinion completely changed.

game sucks, clumsy people, small spaces, your heros back covers half the screen, while your partner usually stands right in front of you to cover the rest. standing still while aiming and clumsiest controls ever nailed the rest of the nails into its coffin. non-gold edition 1/10

game was so terrible i didn't bought it until gold. well, sub and move would make game actually decent to play (at least aiming is possible in this release) if move support wouldn't lose controller every 20 seconds and you need to press select to resync (i didn't lose move calibration in any other game so far and i played quite a lot), which usually happens in the middle of the battle. i would be happy if they decided to go with menu cursor instead of calibrated aiming. menu cursor works better with move light off than their calibrate per 20 seconds. gold edition... still 1/10, but in times when controller actually starts working for more than 20 seconds... 3/10

unless they add patch where they fix constant need for resyncing or at least give option to use aiming which works like menu cursor. AVOID THIS GAME LIKE A PLAGUE. the only thing they show you is HOW NOT TO APPLY Move controlls. Move could actually fix this game where it could, but unfortunatelly unsyncing gives him really small chance