Sonic Free Riders: Kinect Video Gameplay

Here you can see a demonstration gameplay of Sonic Free Riders for Kinect that was being played during GAMEFEST in spain.

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THE MAX SPEED 213294d ago

This Game is actually working pretty well.

Kran3294d ago

Possibly the only decent Kinect game.

Cloudberry3294d ago

It's amusing, interesting, & I must add, funny, lol.

Anyway, about the game-play.

This is the 2nd time I watched Sonic Free Riders Kinect & fortunately this video gives some good explanations about buttons-free game-play of Kinect & this game.

First at 0:05-0:10, the menu browsing using hand are good, there's some lag but no problem, in my opinion.

Second, the game-play.

Unfortunately, with the video's angle, I could only see the guy in the left playing with Knuckles, while I couldn't see the guy's playing on the right...

At 0:28, the guy on the left change his body position sideways & the character would follow.

At 0:48, the guy on the right using / swiping (?) his feet a-la skateboarding to accelerate, I think...

At 1:27, lol, the guy on the right flailing his arms to grab items (?).

Overall the 4 minutes of the video, this game & Kinect shows it capability with it's buttons free game-play.

In my opinion, it looks OK.

There still noticeable lags about how the guy moving his body left & right, and the in-game character soon follows.

But I impress about how they used their feet just like skateboarding to accelerate.

And the flailing arms to collect items at some parts are still hilarious, lol.

Unfortunate for the guy on the left, he still bumping on walls, so he finished 2nd.

Overall: good game for Kinect, in my opinion.

PS: I see the 2 gamers side-by-side playing directly in front of the TV & Kinect.

If somehow Kinect able to play by 4 gamers simultaneously...

I couldn't see how they (gamers) do it yet...

This 2 person playing is already crowded in front of the TV. : /

I saw 3 people playing at max for a Kinect game though, and that was Dance Central if I'm not mistaken.

2 guys side-by side in the front, and 1 at the back.