Pre-Comic Con Exlusive Sony Event

GFN Columist Joseph Miller writes about exclusive
Pre-Comic Con Sony Event in New York, at the Pranna
lounge where GamerFitNation editor in Chief BlackBible interviews Ken Schramm, the Creative Director at Sucker Punch. Video of InFamous 2 gameplay included.

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xtheownerzx3022d ago

I'm mighty jealous right now, look at this guy playing infamous 2. I want it now!

sinncross3022d ago

Nice previews.. though I would like to know whether GT5 has finally updated their 2 player offline multiplayer with the inclusion of bots.

I'll play the game online for sure but sometimes its just nice to play with family member, but with only 2 cars it can be a bit lame after a while


Yes it's awesome very realistic graphics and 3D TV's enhance the experience. You really see the details in the turns and lends.

DORMIN3022d ago

Can't wait!

This game is going to be AAA quality.

TheLastGuardian3022d ago

Didn't comic con already happen this year?

infamousowner3022d ago

I then found out that Sony was doing a PlayStation blog meet up the day before and it was exclusive to ppl and press, so then i was like oh okay.

moparful993022d ago

Comic con isn't just held in san-diego.. They have them all over the country san diego is just the one that gets all of the coverage and press... This one is in new-york.....


There's more then 1 Comic Con, This was the pre-show for Comic Con NYC. Which is from October8 - October 10th.


I truly believe the Infamous 2 will be Game of The Year.

Faztkiller3022d ago

It looking like it may be a contender but it should have some good competition Naughty Dogs next game

Lyr1c3022d ago

Don't forget about The Last Guardian and LBP 2 ;)

moparful993022d ago

Resistance 3??? Hmm wow sony has a loaded year this year lol

MrMickeal3022d ago

Cole slow motion uppercut and hot SingStar Dance girls FTW!

infamousowner3022d ago

These are some pretty nice previews i'm liking what i'm seeing.


Yeah I can't wait to get my hands back on those games playstation is coming on strong.

xtheownerzx3022d ago

I just hope that this game comes out somewhere down the line where its not too congested with all the other exclusives.

pedrof933022d ago

This game looks awesome, i only hope that the story may be as well.

infamousowner3022d ago

The gameplay is looking great and i'm hoping that this is a pure contender for many awards.

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