IGN: Super Mario Galaxy can proudly stand next to the best-looking Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games

"Although it was fleeting, it was great to see something new and we can report that the Cookie Factory level looks as good, if not better, than what we had already seen. This is one Wii game that can proudly stand next to the best-looking Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games. Of course, we weren't done playing, so read on for updated impressions of the Star Dust Galaxy and Prehistoric Piranha levels."

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Loudninja5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

But they are pushing it.

hazeblaze5874d ago

They should've just said that the game looked good. No way in hell that this game stands up visually next to mass effect, lair, killzone, or halo!!!

Syko5874d ago

Seriously that is pushing it. The last thing IGN wants to do is band the Sony and MS fanboys together to flame the Wii.

If it looks great, good I will finally have something that uses the compnent 480p cables other than Zelda:TP. But saying it looks like anything the PS3 or 360 can produce is ridiculous in more ways than I can count.

ALI-G5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

most of the xbox 360 / ps3 horsepower taking to make the game playable in HD 720p (this add detailes to the screen but do not make the game l0ok better ) .than big part of CPU/GPU power taking to display the game @60fps. both xbox and ps have OS running in the background that take 32MB of ram in 360/ 94 MB in ps3 in addition to power from CPU. add to that the relistic art style in PS3/360 game that require higher power to animate and display.number of chracter in the screen at once... to the end of the story.

game effect is what make the diffrence not all the above.ever wounder why CG at low resolution will look better the gameplay at 1080P.

the wii in the other hand display the games at 480i(saveing it donkeypower for the effects) few games support 480p .i have seen the water effect in mario galaxy and it is one of the best if not the best i have ever seen. the game colores are fu@king beatiful

in the end of the day this game will sell more than HALO3+KZ2+MGS4 combained ( i do not reall mean that but u get my point.....)

emptiness5874d ago

u fvking douchebags! you're taking what they said out of context. are you all fuking 3rd graders or what?!

roadkillers5874d ago

The game looks awesome but Im just dazed by the galaxy. To me its really fun to look at it.

hazeblaze5874d ago

"This is one Wii game that can proudly stand next to the best-looking Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games."

It's pretty hard to take that out of context. They were talking about the visuals. The game looks better than a lot of the garbage that has come out on the Wii as of late.... but comparing it to ps3 & 360 games was just stupid. I just watched some of the trailers and lol'd.

Doesn't mean it won't be a fun game for those that like Mario... some of the levels look like fun platforming. But the game's visuals still look like sharp last gen graphics.

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jodonn085874d ago

no way that could come close to comparing with killzone or halo

stunt2135874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

maybe for 3rd parties game but it does not come close to gears of war, killzone 2, Unreal Tournament 3, and COD 4. Also halo 3 graphic sucks ass, its the gameplay that make people buy it and online multiplayer and it's basically in the same level as mario galaxy.

VirusE5874d ago

Shut up nasim/larry007/stuntman you are so lame and sad. You have 3 accounts now all because no one wants to hear anything you have to say.

HarryEtTubMan5874d ago

Halo graphics suckk... get over it fanboy...drakes fortune,hs, grand t killzone2,bioshock, gear of war etc, etc. All of these games will without a doubt own Halo.... Ur just a sad fanboy

jodonn085874d ago

im not saying that halo graphics are a godsend, i own a ps3 not a 360 anyways, but im just saying they still blow mario galaxy out of the water anyway

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DrPirate5874d ago (Edited 5874d ago )

I don't see any wrinkles in Mario's shirt, or skin pores in his face. His body is not proportioned properly and I can't find any bump-mapping in the levels that give it a distinct realism.

IGN reviewing Mario:Galaxy with a blind man confirmed!

Edit: Yes, this post was a joke meant to make you laugh :( Sorry if you took it seriously.

jay35874d ago

I really wish we could get a Mario game on PS3 or 360 :(

djt235874d ago

this dude is on something or just not ..

Salvadore5874d ago

You made me laugh for hours.

bluegoblin5874d ago

Why not give Zelda to sony also. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!

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soccerstar5874d ago

I dont think there are even close to enough nintindo fanboys on this site to approve that title"Super Mario Galaxy looks as good as the best-looking PS3 and 360 games" cuz its not even close