Is the 3DS right for you?

E4G: Lots of people have seen all the videos and the lucky ones have got a chance to actually play Nintendo’s 3DS. But, in a consumer's point of view “Is the 3DS right for me?”.

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dkblackhawk503290d ago

I think I would enjoy this product. It will make me think of the good ole days :D

CovertGunman3290d ago

Saw this while at E3. Would have actually played it except the lines were way too long. Otherwise, it looks like it would be pretty cool to play around with.

live2play3289d ago

im getting this machine day 1 and stay outside a store all night to wait for it
3D movies, games, pictures
mario kart, paper mario, megaman legends 3, starfox 64....i'd say this machine and me were MEANT to be! <3 xD

AWBrawler3289d ago

you damn skippy its right for me!