Will the PS3 Ever Outsell the Xbox 360 or the Wii?

In light of Sony's PS3 Slim, new peripherals (the Move) and long awaited exclusive games such as Gran Turismo 5, as well as many other AAA titles(Uncharted 2, MAG, God of War III etc.); looking from today’s perspective, how does the tide of the console war looks?

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deadreckoning6663293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Yeah, the PS3 will outsell the 360...but by the time it happens, this gen ill be over. Thats the gods honest truth. At one point, I thought the PS3 would catch up to the 360 by 2012, but ill admit it when I'm wrong.

EDIT: And the disagrees have already begun..wonderful.

@Dance- Not really. I usually shy away from sales related articles for obvious reasons..but I'm bored at the moment. Angry fanboy comments are hilarious. In the end, we all know whats gunna happen at the end of the year.

It'll be...once again:

1. Wii
2. 360
3. PS3

And the Sony fanboys ill bash VgChartz, talk about how their exclusives are better, and talk crap about Halo and Gears. Its the same story ever year...ud think they'd get tired of it by now.

Lastcall3293d ago

remember this generation ends when the product is off the shelf. So if PS3 has a planned 10 yr lifespan, it will be out the Wii (with the Wii 2 slated for next year), and if 360 gives up on that machine, hell ya the PS3 will for sure win.

DasBunker3293d ago

i agree.. by the time it happens the zales fanboys (aka the Xbox fanboys) will be like "uuumhhh who cares teh new xboxors with moar haloz are hear, too lite sorny".. while ps3 owners still playing great games.

kaveti66163293d ago

"remember this generation ends when the product is off the shelf."

Why do you get to define when a gen ends?

In my opinion, a gen would end when successor technology begins to dominate the market and when there's a shift of developer focus to new tech.

So, when the next gen of consoles come out, and begin to become the primary development focus for devs, then that will be the start of a new gen.

qface643293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

yeah next gen pretty much begins when the new consoles are released
which most likely will be 2013

Redrum0593293d ago

maybe ,maybe not. it depends on when the next gen console is released, and everyone one knows that it will be MS releasing the next gen console when they see that the ps3 is on the edge of passing up the 360. MS is too egotistic to let ps3 pass it up in sales b4 the gen is over.

The real question is, will MS continue to Support the 360 once they release their next gen console?

all i know is that my ps3 will be safe even when sony releases their ps4, but how long will my 360 last after this gen?

feel free to agree, disagree, comment, countercomment, do as you wish.

rroded3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

writes these himself...

who ever heard of this site b4?


sounds about as legit as the moding on n4g ;)

kaveti66163293d ago

@ redrum

I disagreed with your statement that MS will release a new console first, next time around. I think the reason why MS is so focused on Kinect is because they either don't want to release another Xbox, or because they want to delay for as long as they can and hope that Sony or Nintendo release their console first.

Releasing a console is like showing a hand. If Sony releases a console, MS will try to top it and improve upon its flaws.

Redrum0593293d ago

Well said, agreed.
If one does wait for the other to show their hand, is a year realy enough time to improve uppon someone elses console? I'm sure it's not enough time to do so and I'm sure that they also don't want to risk their competition having too much time alone on the market.

Their main console designs and specs are probably already laid out.

Shadow Flare3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

If the 360 stopped being sold in 8 years for example, would it be fair to compare 360s total sales by 8 years and ps3s by 7 years?

Surely, and most likely, ps3 will be on the Market for longer then 360, especially considering it launched a year later

So by counting that fair extra year for ps3, and whatever extra years it may have, the ps3 will definitely outsell the 360

nix3293d ago

it really doesn't matter... Wii is still getting shovelwares, 360 is heading that way... PS3 is the only one churning out great exclusives. if you want games.. well you know where to look at.

bakasora3293d ago

When stupid people become smart.
I'm sorry, but I have to say it.

Immortal3213293d ago

the ps3 is only 3.1million behind and on their way on selling 15million units. The 360 will have to sell 12million to tie and 13million+ to keep the lead.

3293d ago
doa7663293d ago

the title of the article should be: "Will the PS3 ever outsell the XBox360 or the Wii IN THE US?"

because the PS3 has outsold the 360 in Europe since it's been on the market, and now it's outselling the Wii and the 360 put together in Japan

also in terms of consoles sold for the time on the market ratio, the PS3 is second this generation behind the Wii, in other words if it wasn't for year head start that Microsoft had the PS3 would have sold more than the 360

or to make even more simple: if you take the worldwide number of consoles sold for 360 and PS3, and then you substract the 360s sold before the PS3 was released then the number of PS3s sold would be higher then the 360s

bananlol3293d ago

Who the hell gets to define when a gen ends? I think the whole concept is worthless. The wii could just as well be counted as the most powerful console last gen, but it doesnt. what happens if sony releases a console that is less powerful than the ps3, is that next gen? or of a new company jumps in, who decide which gen they get to start at?

punkpop1013292d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows3292d ago

Bloodmask WOULD go and create his own playstation FUD site, disgusted as a "concern troll"

CrazyForGames3292d ago

um what?

you do realize in japan the wii alone is ahead of the ps3 by over 5million units?

Mini Mario3292d ago

"PS3 is the only one churning out great exclusives. "

The only company releasing great exclusives >? My friend you are seriously delusional.

For both and 360 and wii have excellent exclusives. This is why i hate this site sometimes and u get 15 agrees>>? lol what a joke

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Microsoft_Spokesman3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Honestly even as a Sony fan, I have to admit that the 360 will keep outselling the PS3. It's not because it has better games or hardware, but because MS pays well to keep the console selling and MS also has good marketers. All the time I see 360 ads on every channel whether it is a family, female and man oriented channel, but the only PS3 ads I see (even as great and as funny as they are) are at 11:00PM on FOX during COPS.

wsoutlaw873293d ago

cops is still on?

but ya you never see one during a big playoff game or tv show but you do see 360 ads

vsr3293d ago

Wait and see situation on Wii.
If next wii or xbox will come next 2-3 years, It's even easier

tplarkin73293d ago

He said in 2006 and 2007 that Sony would be dominant by 2010. The exact opposite has happened. Sony lost this gen. The battle for champ is between Wii and 360.


360 isn't going to overpower the wii.

Shadow Flare3293d ago

I find it strange how the 360 can be viewed as being more successful then ps3, or selling more then ps3, when it's clearly evident that ps3 has overall sold much more, as is evident through the ps3 reducing it's gap between itself and 360 from 8 million to 3 million.

So again, in what way has 360 beat ps3? By counting an extra years sales? Then you'd better give the ps3 the same grace when it's still selling after 360 has closed shop

kanedaakira3293d ago

So again, in what way has 360 beat ps3? By counting an extra years sales? Then you'd better give the ps3 the same grace when it's still selling after 360 has closed shop

That's a quality statement and I agree - Once the new Xbox is released we should give the PS3 another year of sales before we total up the results.

Immortal3213293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

excuse the arrogant, they can be very forgetful.
the 360 only grew 10million, while the ps3 grew 13million! in last fiscal year.

MorganX3293d ago

A lot of PS3s sold as Blu-ray players. With BDXL hitting faster than expected, that won't help next round.

Next-gen will be interesting. I predict 32-64GB iSSD with external storage for the few with massive music video collections.

punkpop1013292d ago Show
gamingdroid3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I would like to know what people think will accelerate the PS3 sales that the 360 can't match?

At this late in the game, I don't think there is much of any catalyst. PS Move is out and GT 5 is on the horizon. GT5 is a temporary boost just like Halo and PS Move has largely failed to move anything drastically. Nothing in the Playstation camp is happening, maybe a price cut next year.

Same with MS, all they got left is a price cut that will probably come before Sony's and of course Kinect. Kinect is the only device left that in my opinion can accelerate MS console sale, but that remains to be seen.

So everyone else that thinks otherwise, tell me WHY not some BS that it will!?

Shadow Flare3292d ago

The 360 from launch hasn't been matching ps3 sales. How do you think ps3 reduced the gap to 360 from 8 million consoles to 3 million? That's not spinning, that's maths. That's ps3 outselling 360 is what that is

And all we're saying is, 360's total sales has an additional year on ps3's total sales, because it launched earlier. So to be fair, you add a year onto ps3's sales, which means it easilly outsells 360. And ps3 is most likely going to be on the Market longer then 360 because of sonys console longevity, the ps3's lasting design, and the fact it launched a year after 360

Thats a fair comparison. GT5 and move are just more reasons for people to buy ps3. Call me when 360 extends it's lead over ps3 back to 8 million. That would mean it's actually been outselling ps3 for an extended period of time. Because all the evidence has shown so far, is that since launch, ps3 has been dominating 360 worldwide. And its still at the ps2's launch price lol

ScootaKuH3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


Between the Wii and 360? That's a joke. There's no way the Wii gets caught it's got over a 40 million lead worldwide.

Given the fact that PS3 has been slowly eroding that one year headstart the 360 had I don't see how people can be so against seeing PS3 overtake the Wii.

Even if by some chance the 360 retains its meagre lead over PS3 I think you're wrong to say Sony has lost this gen. They may lose in hardware sales but in terms of software and quality exclusives they're kicking the 360's behind by some margin.

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Gue13293d ago

If it happens or not it doesn't matter because we still have Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Gran Turismo 5, etc. to delight us in the future. You own a console to play games not teh salez!

Lyr1c3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What is with the number game? Seriously. The winner of the console gen should be the console with the most and better quality exclusive lineup, not who sold the most. And if anyone should play the number game, it should be Nintendo fanboys. Face it, the 360 isn't first in sales, so stop acting like it is. It might make me sound like a fanboy, but as of now the Wii is first in sales. As of now, the PS3 is in first for exclusive lineup. What does the 360 have going for it.....Kinect? Come on now. It's getting a bit tiring. If you're a gamer, you'd stick to the games, not the numbers. When any of you start investing in Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo stock....THEN come see me. But until then, stfu.

Edit - replied to the wrong person xP

And I get a disagree for truth? Wow.

Seferoth753293d ago

Lmao obviously this is your first gen. History lesson kid.

It has ALWAYS been about console sales. Who has the better games is subjective. Nobody would agree on a clear leader and it still wouldnt be Sony. I know you need a reason to jsutify your purchase and some form of proof it is better but nobody is going to change 20plus years of gaming history for a bunch of upset fanboys and newbs who know nothing about gaming and want things done in a completely bias and subjective way.

It doesnt make you sound like one to act that way, it makes you one to even believe that BS.

Yes Sony has all the great games this gen by buying reviews... Oh but most of those AAA must owns games sold poorly.

I cant believe you actually asked whats with the number game... Welcome to gaming fanboy newb. Take 5 minutes to learn how its worked since it started and take another 10 to understand how completely retarded it is to talk about review scores make the winner. 10 million people buying a game means nothing but some random fanboy on the internet being paid by Sony is absolute fact. It is just laughable and pathetic. Something only a Sony gamer would be moronic enough to being up.

tucky3293d ago

"...You own a console to play games not teh salez!"
and that's exactly why we should buy the 360...
PS3 is only interesting as a bluray player (less and less since other bluray players are more afordable). It's the beginning of the end for the ps3.

bananlol3293d ago

Only because it have worked one way a long time does not mean there is not better ways. Who "wins" is sjubjective, and by all right. Companies care only about profit, but would you calassify the most profitable company as the winner? like say activision? They shure are great/s. Generalizating 40 million people and calling them stupid is not a god way to make people buy your arguments.

Achemki3293d ago

Take a deep breath. Preferably underwater. You just tore the guy a new one and for what? Just to squeeze "moronic Sony gamers" in there somewhere? How does that make your corporate rant any better? *DING DING DING* it doesn't.

MysticStrummer3292d ago

I always knew Seferoth75 wasn't a gamer. He just admitted it by saying sales = quality. Of course... he can't spell his own name correctly, so there's a hint also.

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moparful993293d ago

See this spin of the sales is so dumb.. Most people take half truths and spin them to fit their agenda.. In terms of life to date sales the wii is first 360 is second and the ps3 is third.. But in terms of year over year sales the ps3 has dominated the last two years and is closing the gap world wide.. Hell even in japan the last two months running the ps3 is outselling both consoles in japan and still has a commanding lead for the year on year totals.. September was the first month since the slim launched that the ps3 didnt have a positive percentage increase... But at the end of the day this sales talk is pointless because all 3 consoles are embedded and not going anywhere so why people continue to argue is beyond me.......

Vegeta90003293d ago

If I wanna play the sales game then I have the Wii.

If I wanna play great games I have a PS3.

If I wanted a heater then I wouldn't have sold my 360.

Blacktric3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

No surprise there. A stupid comment from a troll.

TreMillz3293d ago

a console can win by starting early but cant win late? why not? just because the successor is out the gen ends? wow

Lyr1c3293d ago

That's actually a pretty good argument. I like it :D Have a bubble.

Brasi823292d ago

I do agree with the fact that a console can win late. However, the PlayStation 3 just doesn't seem to have the growth of numbers it needs in order to outsell the Wii. I can see the PS3 passing up the X-Box 360, unless the numbers for the PS3 stay's the same and the 360's numbers do as well. Is the PlayStation 3 the worse console on the market? No, I believe that belongs to the X-Box 360, but that's just my opinion. As many items over history has shown quality doesn't always mean quantity. Take McDonald's, Modern Warfare 2, and AT&T for example. So in short, can the PS3 win this generation? No.

snp3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You don't have to be a fanboy to not believe VgChartz has any credibility. In fact, at this point, i think frankly you do have to be a fanboy to give them any credence.

3293d ago Replies(1)
CantHaveOpinionsHere3293d ago

nope no siree. Wii wins 1st place, 360 2nd, DS 3rd, PS3 4th and PSP 5th. Btw PSPGO is garbage and will find its way to the trash bin next to the Virtua Boy

visualb3293d ago

so as long as all 3 sell enough to be a great success, does it really matter?

commodore643293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


I swear half the 'gamers' on this site prefer arguing over their e-peens to actually playing games.
I'm off to play classic starcraft!

tinybigman3293d ago

because even though i have all 3 systems it's my most played system. it has the variety that i look for, and franchises that i love. i play games not sales like the rest of the people out there who seem to have nothing better to do with themselves.

avengers19783293d ago

PS3 will be on store shelves a hell of a lot longer than either 360 or Wii so yes there is hope for it to eventually be #1.

Philoctetes3293d ago

There's no way anybody is catching up to the Wii, but so what? The Wii isn't even really in the same market as the PS3 or 360, although Kinect and to a lesser extent Move are blurring the line a little.

And if the PS3 was going to catch the 360, it would have done so by now. I don't understand it, but I still know quite a few people who are 360-only because Microsoft has teh Gears. As long as there's a large segment of consumers who reflexively buy 360s because of one franchise -- maybe two if we count Halo -- it's going to be tough for the PS3 to catch up.

Oh well. Since I don't own stock in Sony, I guess I'll just have to content myself with inFamous 2, Killzone 3, Last Guardian, and a buttload of other exclusives.

frostypants3293d ago

The PS3 has actually outsold the 360 ever since it has been on the market.

Total sales don't mean sh*t when the two products came out a year apart.

This article fails before you even get passed the title.

3293d ago
Jacobite3293d ago

@ deadreckoning666
Lol Xbox360 out selling PS3 or PS3 taking a while to catch up, wonder why? Oh yes youngest boy on his third Xbox, oh oldest on his forth Xbox @ least. PS3 60gb from launch still going great, games, movies etc oh yes bought 2 xboxes and the other was on warrenty thats a fact and thats the case with a good few Xbox owners.

Jaces3293d ago

Somehow I just don't see a new Playstation anytime soon. I mean the games are only getting better so why release a new system.

It's limits haven't been pushed opposed to the PS2, still though it's a game company and they'll do whatever they feel will draw in more cash. On the other hand I see MS pulling out a new system soon if Kinect fails to impress. Unfortunately I see it selling very well, not because it's fun but because of the idea of controller free play. Time will tell.

XabiTheHumble3292d ago

I'm interested, what are you basing your poor assumptions off of?

stragomccloud3292d ago

I've never seen so many disagrees before. A bubble, and agree for your courage sir.

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DarkTower8053293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Let's face it, the Wii is a freak of nature sales wise. The 360 and PS3 are basically neck and neck. 4-5 million difference isn't that much when you're talking about 40 million units apiece. All systems are making money and all companies will still be around next gen.

Where sales DO matter are in cases where one brand is seriously behind the curve. I'll use the PSP Go for example. The sales were horrendous, and as a result, no more Go. Like I said though, this isn't the case for the PS3, Wii or 360.

moparful993293d ago

Exactly if there was a huge disparity between the ps3 sales and 360 sales then yes it would matter because one would be in danger of being terminated.. Just like microsoft had to prematurely end the xbox due to poor sales.. But the reality is that both consoles are embeded and have huge fanbases that produce plenty of revenue for the software companies therefore, both of them will be supported until the end of this generation period.... 360 followers for some reason feel this overwhelming need to remind ps3 fans that they are in third place and I say so? At the end of the day what exactly does that do to their enjoyment of the system? Nothing, in fact we have been enjoying some of the best gaming in recent memory... If thats what I have to live with by supporting the console in third place then count me in......

RememberThe3573293d ago

But as long as the PS3 continues to sell well it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing.

gta_manic3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

deadreckoning666, Omega4 and others but it's a long list and i'm lazy...sooo ya...

raztad3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

People here take deadreck by a xbox fanboy when he actually is a PS3 owner. I have the guy in my friend list. I dont agree most of the time with him but he is not your tipical Omega4 or niceguywii.

Regarding sales, Sony is quite confident of meeting their 15m units sold goal for this fiscal year, and next year it is pretty likely the PS3 gets a new price cut. Will the PS3 surpass the xbox? I think it will, PS3 at $200 would be a massive seller. However it is clear the PS3 wont be any closer to PS2 level of dominance, so either console wont be lacking software support.

gta_manic3293d ago

deadreck has many moments pure fanboyism that no one can doubt, he does have some comments that aren't well stupid but that doesn't really even it out...right?

ezcex3293d ago

Just look at the year to year sales. Come on now.

jony_dols3293d ago

Who knows and who really cares?

Maybe the vice president of EA Europe does, when 2 weeks ago he stated that he was confident that PS3 worldwide sales will surpass the Xbox.

I'm pretty sure he has better knowledge of the gaming industry and console sales, than any commentators on N4G.

Moonboots3293d ago

Both have enough install base that neither can be ignored by developers so I don't care.

Just bring me good games. I've already got my monies worth out of both my PS3 and 360..

goosepoose3293d ago

you is making sense. anyway, you right. developers cant afford to make shitty ports anymore. I think they were pretty upset that the ps3 sold as much as it did, cause they cant get away with ugly ports. so they were shocked, and to somehow make up for this they give away dlc. lol. go back to 2007, there was no such thing, we just had to accept the shit port. atleast now (i am looking at you mafia2 and rdr) they look like shit, but we get dlc. next year, i think they will stop with the exclusive dlc (cause the games will probably look the same .....more or less)