Dear PlayStation Move Parody

Drew of Ironstar writes; "Another "Dear PlayStation" video by yours truly (Drew) is live! This one took a little more time and effort than the other parodies I have done in the past but I think is the best so far. I am just happy its finally done because this one has been in my head for weeks. Let me know what ya think!"

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SexyPrawns2928d ago

You mean the joke that took up half the commercial?

Do people not understand the phrase, "Joke landed"?

xtheownerzx2928d ago

I'm still laughing right now! LOL

lolzers2927d ago

You're easily pleased.

Newtype2928d ago

dude, I got that, "I'M A PC" Shirt.

siliticx2928d ago

That t-shirt is pure irony.

I mean, you buy a t-shirt to make you look a bit unique by saying that you are what 96% of the population is. nice.

SexyPrawns2928d ago

Trust me.

You got it.

It's just terrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.