Media Create hardware totals for September

Find out which system came out on top for the month of September in Japan.

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boogeyman9992931d ago

Sony going strong again this month. PSP is killing it.

FiftyFourPointTwo2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

but the Go's numbers are... LOL. xD

lolzers2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Yeah,the DS only sold twice as much as the psp last month. The psp is doing great.

CoffeewithChess2931d ago

Why's the 360 so high? Isn't it like 3 times its normal?

Nitrowolf22931d ago

this is entire month not week

Moonboots2931d ago

And that still doesn't make them any less sorry. The 360 just doesn't get the Japanese love.

moparful992931d ago

Might have something to do with reach.. Japanese gamers are starting to warm up to western shooters.. But yeah sony is beasting japan right now..

PSP – 133,042
DSi – 130,103
DSi LL – 102,033
PS3 – 83,924
Wii – 62,852
DS Lite – 22,515
Xbox 360 – 14,178
PS2 – 5,637
PSP go – 3,499

Immortal3212930d ago

the 360 outsells the ps3 in America by at least 90k in a month. in this week in japan the ps3 outsold the 360 by over 60k. Now if given the same month will the ps3 triumph?

Oner2930d ago

I don't think it really has anything to do with Japanese gamers warming up to Western Shooters because when you think about how many Westerners are over there (either living abroad or in the services) that would probably be a better explanation of the mass bulk of the console/shooter game sales.

-Mezzo-2931d ago

Great sales figure for PSP, even though the PSP 2 rumors are pretty strong.

sdtarm2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

those jap ppl dont care, just watch how DS still sells soooo strong even with the DS only couple of months away

@shutupandplay "The PS3 could only pull a 70K lead over the 360 in Japan for an entire month?" 360 could only sell 14k units on a whole month LMAO specially when Reach was released not so long ago and theres nothin pushin PS3 sells over there

"The 360 has been pulling out leads like that in America in one week alone."

not really wwd the gap is of around 30k

"Sony needs to step their game up. "

yeah now i understand u r a fkin retarded kid

shutupandplay2931d ago

The PS3 could only pull a 70K lead over the 360 in Japan for an entire month? Ouch. The 360 has been pulling out leads like that in America in one week alone.

That gap just keeps getting wider and wider, Sony needs to step their game up.

khushand2931d ago

Ya and the 360 is actually a good system lol

FiftyFourPointTwo2931d ago


I dont play sales. I play games.

westy5522931d ago

Maybe check your sales data, and this time take off your glasses your wearing, you know the ones that M$ supplied you with.

dredgewalker2931d ago


I suggest you do what your username is. This ain't 2007 anymore so please renew that script you're following. So basically people with Toyota's are better off than people with Porsche's and Ferrari's if I follow your logic?

kaveti66162931d ago

Do you have any idea how disproportionate your analogy is?

A High-end PC with the best graphics card and CPU setup is more like a ferrari than a PS3 is.

If a 360 was a Toyota, then a PS3 would just be Nissan. That's it.

Ilikegames762931d ago

the 360 is like a Toyota Corolla and the PS3 is like a Nissan GTR.

dredgewalker2931d ago


what I meant by that analogy in regards to shuts analogy is "install base", what is so off about it? Sales don't simply don't mean quality and it's the same with games.

Moonboots2931d ago

Yup, PS3 is still ahead WW when it comes to sales so I wouldn't pop any champagne. The holidays should be interesting however. Going to really depend on how well Kinect is received.

moparful992931d ago

Thats what I wish you would do... You are making this rediculous statement when the ps3 outsold the 360 and the wii in japan... Just imagine what will happen when move finally hits over there..


Yeah, I won't even start on the irony of a guy named shut up and play trying to take jabs at a company, arguing sales and, on top of that, completely misinformed.

360 makes 70k leads weekly in NA? The only trustable source for NA sales is NPD, it comes out monthly and we see smaler gaps than 70k/month most of the time, but I think it's easy to just notice months were 360 has it's biggest franchise released and PS3 only had Move (and even that is in shotage). This kid better stop reading VGChartz.

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Silly gameAr2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You should probably log into your alt account and agree with yourself like, now.

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