Trophies Revealed: Medal of Honor: Frontline

PS3T has revealed the full trophy list for the upcoming remastered FPS game by EA, Medal of Honor: Frontline.

The game has 46 trophies: 2 secret, 30 bronze, 10 silver, 3 gold, 1 platinum.

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sunnygrg3753d ago

Happy Platinum hunting :)

LinuxGuru3753d ago

Sweet! I love old school MOH games.

I want an HD texture-upgraded version of Medal of Honor 1 =)

HolyOrangeCows3753d ago

A trophy for shooting people in the balls. Well done, EA.

morganfell3753d ago

Ha ha ha, have to agree.

LinuxGuru3753d ago

I did that ALL THE TIME in the original medal of honor game and moh underground lol

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The story is too old to be commented.