CryEngine 3 - The Urban Life System

Thanks to Crytek Cryengine 3, Enodo is a compañny that uses gaming technology to create interactive models and immersive, 3D environments. The results are design projects that feel like gamescapes: photorealistic, virtual reality with real-time 3D rendering.

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NewsForMe3294d ago

These guys need to make a PC exclusive open world crime game.

arnoldocastillo20033294d ago

For sure at least make a mod for GTA4

Crazyglues3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

-but that's GTA V's job... LoL

but seriously I think we will see the fruits of Crytek's labor in Crysis 2, surely this tech is part of what powers the NYC setting in Crysis 2..

I can't wait -this is going to be one awesome looking game.. If you look at the 3-D trailer they showed -

-you can see how this tech plays out in the game... really amazing.

-What I would love this tech to be used for, to make a much better home experience on the PS3... Create a huge open world where like Second Life 2 and games like that.. to make an amazing open world where people can have a house and a car, or an apartment.

Have a corner coffee shop, have a newspaper stand near by where you can get the latest news in the world and hear about private game conference..

This is what home should have been, and if you make it that awesome people would buy it. (it could be like a $10 buck add-on from the PSN store) that way they could pay for making it awesome and useful.

They you will buy stuff in home that will help pay for the rest of home. (like a car for $5.00 bucks or something really hot for 10 bucks like a Ferrari)