Medal Of Honor - 1st 14 minutes of PS3 version

The reboot of the classic shooter comes out tomorrow in the US , for the ones who wants to see how it starts this video will help ya

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frankymv4116d ago

where are the MOH reviews?

DORMIN4116d ago

Embargo goes up the same day as release date?

I see where this is going

pimpmaster4116d ago

i just got this game. omg its so terrible. im on the third level so far and its pretty repedative. i had hoped it would be like mw2 where they add special FPS events and stuff but in this game not really. just walk around killing everyone in sight every level. they do put some parts where u use the UAV and a wierd electronic sniper that blows the enemies limbs off while on a atv. but honestly im dissapointed from what ive played this games gonna get reviewed 7-8s. 8 tops.

captain-obvious4116d ago

the SP looks really nice
but i really cant say the same thing about the MP

Apocwhen4115d ago

SP and MP are using two different game engines.
SP is a modified version of the Unreal Engine and MP is using the Frostbyte engine.
SP does look very nice.

HQLocated1114115d ago

Wow, singleplayer looks great. Fucking DICE had to mess up the multiplayer, they can't make anything that doesn't look like battlefield. HORRIBLE. Wouldn't be surprised if they mess up Battlefield 3 too.

nveenio4115d ago

I think this looks pretty good. I'm not a big shooter fan, though. I didn't like the BETA, but the single player looks better, imo. Of course, if the whole thing is "kill everyone in this room, move to new room and kill everyone there, repeat", then I can see it getting pretty tiresome by the third level.

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StanLee4116d ago

As much as people want this game to be COD's competitor, it's absolutely mediocre. It has been from the beginning.

evrfighter4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

"it's absolutely mediocre"

um duh. we've been saying cod is mediocre for years...

oh wait you meant moh

PS360PCROCKS4116d ago

hey stan can you tell me why it's mediocre? Oh wait...nvm 1 bubble man.

visualb4115d ago

I can agree, it doesn't look outstanding

but it does look far better than MW2's SP

and of course if it has to be COD's competitor, it will be mediocre

COD has been Mediocre since COD4, and probably will remain so until the end of days.

STONEY44115d ago

"COD has been Mediocre since COD4, and probably will remain so until the end of days."

Lawl? COD got mediocre after Activision decided to use the same exact formula for they're multiplayer in EVERY GAME. Even non-COD, Activision published games have perks and class set-ups, for no reason, even if it doesn't fit.

Then they decided to shaft the PC community, and charge $60 on top of no mod-support or dedicated servers. In fact, the only good thing about COD now is the single-player. Seriously, I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2s single player alot more than the first one, and alot more than the multiplayer in it.

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badz1494116d ago

a mediocre game competing with another mediocre game. so, it's fair!

mrmcygan4116d ago

I'm going to get alot of hate for saying this but I think Danger Close should have used the frostbite 2 engine instead of the Unreal engine 3. The Frostbite 2 engine was made for FPS games while Unreal 3 was made for a broad selection of genres. The gun combat in this video does not look as fluid as the multiplayer. But I still believe that medal of Honor will be a good game.

Pandamobile4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Frostbite 1, you mean. Frostbite 2 is the engine that is still in development for Battlefield 3.

Only problem with Danger Close using Frostbite is that only DICE knows how to use Frostbite. It's their proprietary engine which means that it's been developed for their internal use; so it's probably not documented extremely well.

Danger Close probably already has an extensive knowledge of Unreal 3.

Also the shooting mechanics have nothing to do with the engine itself. They design the game from scratch, so it's not like there's any residual Unreal Tournament 3, or Gears of War gameplay aspects in it...

DelbertGrady4116d ago

The multiplayer in MOH uses the Frostbite engine.

Close_Second4116d ago

After seeing the footage it screams Unreal engine. No main character shadow, pre-rendered lighting, graphics overall looking just a tad dated.

I wish someone had licensed the engine used for Killzone for other PS3 games.

Apocwhen4115d ago

Probably because it's a multi-plat game and too much work would have been required to build the game using the engine from KZ just for PS3.

STONEY44115d ago

"After seeing the footage it screams Unreal engine. No main character shadow, pre-rendered lighting, graphics overall looking just a tad dated."

Um, that's more of a console-optimization sacrifice than the Unreal Engine itself. There are other games running on UE3 with dynamic character shadows, self-shadowing, and real-time building shadows. It's called optimizing. And the PC versions of these show none of these issues, which proves that it's not the engine itself.

Even some of Killzone 2s indoor lights don't project real time shadows themselves, they have light sources outside of them do to it. Example: There is a light hanging from the ceiling. I shoot it, it shakes everywhere and swings, but the lighting in the room is unchanged. There are also some destructible lights throughout the game that have almost the same effect, there are no reasonable light sources nearby, yet some magical light is illuminating the area.

"I wish someone had licensed the engine used for Killzone for other PS3 games."

So every game can look exactly like Killzone, since the engine is the type with a distinct look that can't really change? Then we'll have people complaining about every game looking the same, kinda like UE3 currently. At least now developers are getting the hang of using it in a way that doesn't look exactly like Unreal Tournament 3, such as Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock Infinite, which don't even look like UE3 games.

kx114116d ago

i don't think the PS3 version is the superior one , just saying

eX-GREED4116d ago

Some much for "PS3 izz tha lead console." eh?

LinuxGuru4116d ago

Of course not, PC version is =)

Ivan Drago IV4116d ago

@ KX you do realize PS3 was the lead platform for this game dont you?

kx114116d ago

didn't know that , well then we can confirm the game is having some trouble in frame-rate department

raztad4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Low framerates are sadly expected. This is a UE3 game. On consoles UE3 games max out at 30fps. Dunno why.

Despite the Ps3 being the "lead" platform (if that is even true or juts PR BS) most UE3 games dont perform very well on the platform so I would not be surprised if the xbox has the edge on this one.

Other thing that I was hoping no to be in the final build are the jaggies, but they still are there.

I dont quite understand how EA pretends MoH to be a serious competitor of CoD, if they put so little effort in it. The right thing to do was to develop an in-house 60fps capable engine. UE3 makes the game feel slower, less smooth and dull in comparison with CoD. Keep in mind I'm not a CoD fan and I'm totally not buying BO, but MoH is not trying hard enough. BO just look by far as the best option for anyone looking for a shooter fix.

HOSe4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

wow - the fact that the game begins with chatter about 9/11 is laughable. this game is full of fail. pass

HOSe4116d ago

save me from tomorrow man save me from the taliban

Corepred44116d ago

fail because they are talking about 9/11? you're weird

internalbit4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Seems to be a lot of activsion fans here. Y all the hate for this game. Any thing is betters than cod mw??

visualb4115d ago

SO...i don't see all the sh!t its getting

i hate it. when its a COD "wow omg its amazing"

when its anything but a COD "PFFF lol it sucks haha"

people are such sheep. just because a lot of people like it, i'll like it too *-_-*

be individuals ffs. to me, this reminds me of COD4, and it looks great, it will probably be average, but so what

Achemki4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

As opposed to the Russians invading America in COD:MW2? The Cold War ended over 20 years ago, wtf are the Russians invading Burgertown for? Now that is laughable.

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