Potimal:- Bilal Mian Test Drives Microsoft’s Kinect at NY Comic Con

Unlike motion controls for Wii, you have to move around in order to use the Kinect. It takes energy and movement.

Check out the video below for the entire experience:

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Bigpappy2983d ago

No wonder it kept telling him to go back when he jumps forward. But it does see the full body at 3ft.

JokesOnYou2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

It was working just fine with them being very close in a small space too, but where did you see it telling him to go back when he jumps forward?...I watched again and I still missed that. I think its cool that when he steps out of the camera view the game goes to single player mode and when he steps back in it recognizes him almost immediately goes back to the split screen....the game itself is very casual but I like the tech, can't wait to see it implented well in a core game like Fable I guess.


Bigpappy2982d ago

They wrote it in the preview. If you use the link there is a text write up.

Moonboots2982d ago

I got distracted by the Cos Play going on in the background.. :/

stuna12982d ago

The splitscreen implementation worked flawlessly! But for those saying it was 3 feet, it was definitely more than 3 feet, I'd say more like 4.5 to 5 feet. Which is definitely within acceptable range. On another note it definitely looks like microsoft has ironed out a lot of the issues.