Mario & Sonic At the Olympics Gameplay

Here is a gameplay video of Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games.

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Depressed Mode5874d ago

How is it even remotely possible that Sonic, of all characters, could lose in a race to Mario? Wth is Sega thinking.....

roadkillers5874d ago

When the character screen pops up you can see that Sonics speed is double that of Mario and Mario still wins.

Rooftrellen5874d ago

Mario wins a race with multiple jumps, how strange! Mario is a better jumper than Sonic, but Sonic is faster, so it evens out.

That and the person playing as Mario was probably just better. Heaven forbid player abilities may chance the outcome.

castdreams5874d ago

I guess the only way to make the game balanced was to downgrade all of sonic's abilities...

stunt2135874d ago

yeah they should make each character have a special ability such as sonic would be best at running and mario is at long jump or something.

spammy_nooo5874d ago

sonic would never lose to a plumber...

my herooooooooooooooo!

i might get this just to dominate mario with sonic.

just kidding, im not getting it.

ItsDubC5874d ago

Sonic can lose to Mario in a race for the same reason that Bowser can breath fire and Tails can fly... it's all fiction.

I most likely will never get this game, but Bowser running in a hurdles event looks hilarious.

Depressed Mode5874d ago

Yes that is indeed the case if you must get technical about it. However, Sonic has the name Sonic for a reason, and it's not because he is blue.

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Sega is Teasing Big Sonic News… Here’s What it Should Be

Sega has recently taken to social media where it has repeatedly teased some big Sonic The Hedgehog news. I personally haven’t been into any of the recent Sonic The Hedgehog games, my knowledge ends at Sonic Heroes — that being said, up until that point I was a Sonic super-fan in my youth.

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Abash2675d ago

Gamers will be devastated if the game they are hyping so much is not Sonic Adventure 3

LaWiiG2675d ago

They need it at this point. They seem like they have no direction. I will interject, though, Sonic Colors #Win

The 10th Rider2675d ago

Haha, definitely. Though I could take another Generations or Colors. So long as it's not something with another shoehorned in gimmick, like Unleashed or Sonic and the Black Knight. They should just make Adventures 3, but take hints from Generations, Colors, and the Unleashed daytime levels.

Paytaa2675d ago

I've only been waiting 15 years for a SA3. Will have to break out of my Sonic retirement if it is Sonic Adventure 3.

Wouldn't be the gamer I am today without the first two.

SegaGamer2675d ago

I won't be disappointed if it's not Sonic Adventure 3, any Sonic game that is in the same style as Generations would be perfectly fine by me.

Sonic Adventure 3 would be great to see though, but not the same if they leave Chao World out. Hopefully if it is Sonic Adventure 3, we get Chao World with it. Consoles have come a long way since Sonic Adventure 2, just think what they could do with a Chao World now. Chao's interacting and racing with other Chao's online would be awesome :D

Chocoburger2674d ago

No, I'll gladly take a Sonic Generations 2, if they offer it.

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Germany72675d ago

Sonic is a lot cause, we always finally expect a great game, instead we receive something like Lost World or Sonic Boom.

brettnll2675d ago

Sega did apologize for those games though basically. And now they promise their next Sonic game will be good. So you never know.

Germany72675d ago

But Sega never released a patch for Sonic Boom on Wii U, they simply abandoned the game, it still is a broken mess. I'm a huge fan of 3D platformers, but no way i would buy a broken game like Sonic Boom.

The 10th Rider2675d ago

Sonic Boom was a completely different and totally new team. I wouldn't use that to figure what to expect for Sonic Team's next game.

DarkHeroZX2675d ago

Sega didn't actually develop Boom. They published it and it was developed by another team.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2675d ago

Sonic Lost World isn't a bad game. It better than 06, Secret Rings and Black Knight.

Phunkydiabetic12675d ago

That's like saying cow shit tastes better than pig shit.

SegaGamer2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I agree, Sonic Lost World is actually pretty decent. I remember the crappy IGN review. The person playing it seemed to be on a mission to dislike the game no matter what. He would blame the controls and camera angle when he was dying when really he was just really bad at the game and didn't want to take the time to get better at it. He would also often die on purpose just to make the game seem worse than it was.

To hate Sonic is the in thing these days, if people played the majority of Sonic games without going into them with the same hateful mindset then they would find that they are actually quite enjoyable.

Segata2675d ago

Lost World is actually pretty fun. However the Unleashed and Black Knights and 06 and Booms need to stop

SegaGamer2675d ago

The only thing Sega can be blamed for is letting a gaming company from the west make a Sonic game. The way the game turned out can't be blamed on Sega. Sega needs to keep Sonic Japanese.

Sonic isn't a lost cause, the games just need to be developed with more care. Another thing Sega could do is get rid of the recent cheesy, kiddy friendly voice actors and storylines and go back to the more darker tone of SA1,SA2, Sonic Heroes-ish and Sonic 2006.