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Well Sony's motion controlled peripheral has finally hit the market, and I've had some time to sit down and get accustomed to it. Is it just a Wii clone? If Sony has anything to say about it, then were looking at the future of gaming. Read on for my review.

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Deadly_Sinner3295d ago

The PSMove is awesome hardware, but it is laking in software at the moment. For those with low case, it is best to wait for better games like KZ3 next year. For those that can aforted, please try it out.

spunnups3295d ago

Seems like there's more than enough games that support Move to warrant a purchase.

HolyOrangeCows3295d ago

"8.5/10, Agreed
The PSMove is awesome hardware, but it is laking in software at the moment"

That shouldn't affect the score of a review for the hardware, though...

ScoobyDrew3295d ago

it seems that seven of those games on that list are actually out right now. nice try bud

rroded3295d ago

resident evil gold
heavy rain

all of em AAA and combined show off the real capabilities of the move.

with tons more i havnt been able to afford yet like ruse tumble party n so many more coming. Why wait?

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Pennywise3295d ago

Another person slandering a line up that is just fine. I have a lot of games compatible with Move. I have more Move games than I did games for the PS3 at launch. I think Move's lineup is pretty solid for now. More games are coming every month too.

deadreckoning6663295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Another person slandering a line up that is just fine."

Maybe for YOU..but its apparent that other people think otherwise. Why is it hard for you to accept that a person thinks differently than you? The first comment was being totally sincere IMO, but here come the SDF to make sure that every good thing said about Sony is 100% positive. facepalm/

I'm sorry but the Sony crowd on this site is downright appalling. Of course, Sony has its fair share of haters on this site as well...but the comments from Sony fanboys truly have to be seen to believed. Only on the Internet does narrow-mindedness like this get rewarded.

Apocalypse Shadow3295d ago

dude....just go on and just admit it..

you are a 360 fanboy.

no one is saying move is perfect or the launch.but EVERY sony article you are negative.EVERY LAST don't fool anyone.

even one bubble is too much for you.

solidjun53295d ago

Damn right. He's a complete XDF trying to fool N4G. He's a liar and just downright appalling.

caladbolg7773295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The list of worth-playing Move-exclusive games is about as long as the list of worth-playing 360-exclusives.

Which by my count is "not very f'ing many".

raztad3295d ago

Initially I was thinking to get MOVE only around KZ3 release, but MAG was enough to made me buy it. I'm totally happy I did. MOVE+MAG2.0= FULL WIN. So much fun. I did enjoy Sport Champions (TT and Gladiators) but MAG is the first and foremost reason I own the device.

I'm undecided about what to get next, The Shoot (loved the demo) or Time Crisis:RS (packs hell of a value 3-on-1).

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blackburn53295d ago

Never understood the jump to bring down Move for it's lack of software at launch. No system or device has had a whole lot of software especially epic software from the beginning. So why is it Move's hardware is judged on it so called 'lack of games'. So what do you do? Give it a lower score now and go back and change that score when the games come out? How is that a proper review? I am sure when people reviewed the original Xbox they didn't bring down it's score because of it's less then stellar line up.Review the Move for it's functionality and then review it's games separately.Bad gaming journalism at it's best.

Rainstorm813295d ago

Well everyone rated Halo:CE with great scores so people gave the original xbox credit off of that one game..since it was a hell of a game...but one great nonetheless.....

With move, sports champions is great but people for some reason is expecting an AAA title day one.... I personally think if Sorcery was a launch game everyone that is trying to downgrade PS Move lineup would be singing a different tune.......

Its barely been a month....SMH

jneul3295d ago

move is brilliant as for the line up, I call your bs, eyepet, heavy rain, sports champions, start the party, re5:gold, tumble, hustle kings, ruse.
while you may not consider most of those aaa, they are still really good games to play, which work really well with move, now I can't wait for more move games!!

blackburn53295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

You forgot The Fight Light's Out, Time Crisis, the Shoot, Undersiege and Endochrome 2 and KZ3, LBP2, Dead space Extraction and Sorcery close to the beginning of the year. Sorry but Move has the the most varied line up. A platformer, 2 puzzle games, a fighter, three rail shooters, adventure game, 2 RTS games, 2 party games, a first person shooters,a pet game and sports mini games plus several more PSN games coming out including Flight HD and the same dance game that the other system has. The more people pretend that Move has nothing the sorrier you sound. Get over it.