Halo Reach Statues Finally Painted

StrengthGamer: "Finally painted, these Halo: Reach statues are almost ready to be released. The first half of the Noble Team will be available in Fall of this year, with the second half being released sometime in 2011."

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WutPleaze3290d ago

Getting me some of those!

XRider3290d ago

LOL could you just see some 45 year old guy playing Spartans ss Elites on his living room floor going pew bang zing zong tat tat tat?

kaveti66163290d ago

I'd call that a man who stopped caring about what society thinks of him and is just doing what he enjoys. He's not hurting anyone. He's not doing anything generally disgusting. He's a hero.

karl3290d ago

nice.. ill get my little brother a few... he loves halo and hes gonna enjoy playing with them so much... he's nine

dirthurts3290d ago

What, kids don't play with toys anymore? Ha ha.

Garrus_Vakarian3290d ago

It's obvious that he's implying that only kids play with toys.

karl3290d ago

haha i was just kidding.. this is a collector's item right?
i guess it shouldn't be played with... more like stay behind a glass or on a shelve

i kinda image it would be painful to imagine a collectors item being stuck in a sandbox or in the bathtub for a fan of the series xD

WutPleaze3290d ago

They aren't toys. They are collectibles. Everyone is,missing the point.

wages of sin3290d ago

Bubble up for you for not being stupid.

I will be adding these to my collection as soon as I can.

WutPleaze3290d ago

Yeah- it's not hard to understand either, which confuses me. Probably PS3 fan boys commenting on how they are "toys". Whatever. I'll be the one laughing when my whole set sells for 30 grand in 10 years.

karl3290d ago

wow.. i make that money in like eight months u have to wait ten years?

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