Gamepro: Tell us how you really feel: can Black Ops beat Modern Warfare 2?

Gamepro writes: ''With Blacks Ops' pre-order rate outpacing Modern Warfare 2's, Treyarch's upcoming shooter has a good shot at defeating Infinity Ward's super-hit. Our Twitter followers offered their opinion on where they think the next Call of Duty will rank.''

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40cal3298d ago

I don't think so.

With the exception of GT5, I just don't see another industry pushing title coming this holiday season.

Now there are a lot of good games in the holiday line up, Black Ops being one, just nothing with that bog WOW! factor for me.

Imperator3298d ago

Pre-orders so far are outpacing MW2 so I'd say that it will outsell MW2. Especially since there's a lot of people who will buy it solely for the Zombies mode which MW2 didn't have.

BulletToothtony3298d ago

a lot of people were disappointed with MW2 and all the glitches and noob perks (commando) specially and ended up selling their copy (i did after 2 months) so maybe BlckOps will not sell as many on the first week but if it doesn't it will in the long run..

well as long as there isn't too many noob bullcrap and the maps aren't too camper friendly, but cause if it is i'll be selling my copy yet again and go back to cod4 and MoH

again.. we don't play sales but i do like that there is a lot of noobs, keeps things fun, for me at least

nickjkl3298d ago

doesnt matter it will sell millions just because its cod

while those same gamers will never look at another game

luckily a few days ago i swayed one of my friends to buy killzone 2 now i just gotta see the results of that but most of my friends only play mw2 which makes me dissapoint

since they put in over 34 days of playtime thats a whole month of the 12 months its been out

vsr3298d ago

But in US on chance

40cal3298d ago

@ Imperator

I was talking about game quality not sales. But I do agree that Black Ops will be a sales beast.

I also love how I racked up 13 disagrees so far yet no one listed any games coming this year that are pushing the industry forward. Come on people if I wrong let me know why, don't be scared.

MrAwesome3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I don't think so either but it'll come closer than any of Treyarch games before it with this game they really listened to the community unlike ever before I think they'll come around 1-3 million copies less than MW2.

belal3298d ago

it's a multiplat game...

the interesting thing is going to be: will gt5 be bale to outsell reach. will be an interesting battle indeed.

sdtarm3298d ago

GT5 will but with time, it will not explode like reach but the one that deff will be a blast is GT6 I would bet on that

Bathyj3298d ago

I really dont care how many copies of GT5 they sell, as long as they sell one of them to me.

kaveti66163298d ago

Whenever this statement comes up, I think whoever is saying it means that the 360 version of Black Ops is going to outsell Reach.

So, yeah, everyone knows that altogether Cod Black Ops will outsell Reach, but the thing we want to see is if the 360 version will outsell Reach.

theafroman3298d ago

biggest entertainment launch of 2010 beating reach thanks to its muliplatforms

eggbert3298d ago

And MW2 had a larger opening than Reach did on the 360.

I'm pretty sure COD (Either MW2 or BO) is going to remain the top selling game on both the xbox and the PS3 for some time to come.

eX-GREED3298d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.