Dead Space 2 Hands On | NZGamer

Angus Deacon: Following on from my first taste of Dead Space 2 over at E3 earlier this year, EA Play finally gave me some hands on time with the sci-fi thriller. Sadly, despite being behind the controls, my surroundings at EA Play weren’t suited to the grim survival horror tones of Dead Space. The sound was muted, I could hear a Porsche being revved madly from Need for Speed behind me, two guys were arguing about an off-side decision in FIFA ’11 and I had a bottle of delicious beer in my better gaming arm. Yet despite all of this, I could still tell that the sequel to one of the best sci-fi horror franchises in recent memory is going to be worth the wait.

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morganfell3291d ago

A friend from EA sent me a Multiplayer beta key and I jumped on last night. This is a game that requires teamwork on either side to win.

raztad3291d ago

I would love to give DS2 beta a try. Impressions from beta testers are overall positive but nothing like trying it by yourself.