Destroying a city with electric tornadoes: Infamous 2 preview | Ars Technica

Ars Technica: When we first checked in with Infamous 2 protagonist Cole back at E3, he was barely recognizable, sporting a brand new look that was quite different from the character introduced in the original Infamous. He has been retooled once again, however, and our latest hands-on time demo with the game revealed a Cole who was sporting the shaved head, rough beard look that is just so uncommon in the gaming world. But aside from getting a look at the main character's makeover, the demo also gave us a chance to play around with some of the new abilities set to be introduced in the sequel. Though things still felt a little rough around the edges, Infamous 2 is a game that will let you wreak some real havoc if you want.

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mrmcygan3524d ago

Really happy that they are using motion capture for Infamous 2. The movements of people in infamous were to robotic and unrealistic.

DORMIN3524d ago

Yeaaah. Lots of butthurt trolls in here for some reason.

I guess Infamous 2 is looking just that amazing!

Trebius3524d ago

But I do admit the animations were TERRIBLE. Play it again and youll see ... movements are very awkward between players. It looks as if it was done that way on purpose the first time around, but now they see they have to step their game up to compete against the new wannabe Uncharted blockbuster titles.

fossilfern3524d ago

just like the previous 4 Halos ?

SoapShoes3524d ago

I know you are just calling him an idiot because he's a troll, but you can't deny that the mo capping will be awesome.

mrmcygan3524d ago

How am i a troll, I loved Infamous but the character movements were horrid.

Kakihara3524d ago

I don't think this guy is a troll, Infamous 1 really did have some quite poor animations. Everything seemed to move too fast and felt rather jerky. If you turned the colour off and dubbed ragtime piano over it you could swear you were watching the highest budget most needlessly violent movie Buster Keaton ever made.

It is a good thing that Infamous 2 has vastly improved the animation, by the looks of things it's vastly improved everything. I can't believe how technically good this game looks for an open world game, wait .... it'd still be amazing looking if it was linear.

DigitalAnalog3524d ago

InFamous is a very solid game, but I was one of those unimpressed by the previews. But it's quite clear the sequel is almost like a different game altogether.

-End statement

nickjkl3524d ago

whoever disagreed with this man probably didnt play infamous or even payed attention to information given about infamous 2 because infamous didnt use motion cap but infamous 2 is

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DeathGazer3524d ago

Still hanging on as my most wanted 2011 game.

thePatriot3524d ago

Then, for no apparent reason, the game prompted me to start wreaking as much chaos as possible by throwing out tornadoes.

Omar913524d ago

huge lighting tornadoes ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.