Kinect for Xbox 360 pre-order in top 10 at Toys R Us

Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360 ranked in the top 10 sales at Toys R Us Inc.’s online division this week amid strong demand for the new peripheral.

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feelintheflow3292d ago

With pre-orders no longer available at gamestop, I would expect to see it start to climb at every other retailer.

blackburn53292d ago

So is Move. It's great that both motion controls are selling well. Kudos all around.

nygamer283292d ago

i prefer move over kinect,but move has not been on any most preorder list or has sold out

blackburn53291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That is not true it was No. 7 on Amazon best seller just a short while ago and in Toysru's in the top 5 selling product and it has been said to be on back order and sold out in Gamestop and other places. I have read several article saying so on this very site. I am not trying to promote Move or anything,I am just telling you what I read.