Captain America: Super Soldier – New York Comic Con Impressions : PlayStation Unlimited

Joe Tkacz Writes: It’s been a long time since the Star Spangled Avenger has taken a lead role in a videogame. Amongst a massive crowd here at New York Comic Con, wing-head returned at last, in playable form. Sega’s crack at reviving Steve Rogers from the ice, while early, looks like it may have the potential to boost gamers with a dose of super serum. The demo shown featured Cap battling soldiers amongst a war torn 1942 setting. The build, despite being early, offered players a chance at bashing heads and taking names with generic brawling action.

The good captain featured a predictable set of moves which included punches, kicks, and of course, flinging his mighty shield. Even in it’s current state, the game was very playable and seemed to offer a good deal of brainless fun

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