Castlevania: Gabriel Belmont and the Uncanny Valley (Lords of Shadow Review)

Gabriel takes on the most difficult trek yet for a Belmont: A trip through the Uncanny Valley.
As he treads out onto the frozen lake, the wind bites against his flesh. The snow spins around him, flying into his eyes and blurring his vision. He knows this lake is treacherous, but he must press on. The warrior, battle-scarred from his ardorous journey, walks slowly, scanning the sides of the lake for the ambush he knows will come....

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BeOneWithTheGun3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This game does look and play really nice. I think I just have to admit, though, that I just can't get into a hack n slash anymore. I really wanted to get sucked into the world of this game and spend hours roaming around and whatnot, but killer art design aside, it's just a button masher.

After playing games like Fallout and Demon's Souls, I just need more depth to my adventures. Finding a gem and then hunting for 4 more to upgrade my health does not do it. I like to have REALLY full inventories full of all sorts of crap. Free roam is almost a must have now-a-days and I'm not even going to get into the fixed camera thing.

If you love button mashers, this game is a must buy. Unfortunately, if you seek to interact with NPC's, travel at your lesiure and have a mix when it comes to combat then I would rent it.