Kojima Discusses 3D's Effect on Snake Eater

Snake Eater stands as probably the best entry in the MGS series, with its ingenious setting and heart-wrenching story about the origins of Big Boss. First time purchasers of the Nintendo 3DS handheld are getting a re-imagined version of the PS2 classic, and Hideo Kojima was more than happy to discuss how the 3D visuals made possible by the 3DS affected the title.

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Batzi2931d ago

Ya habibi ya Kojima walla aslab zalame!!! The best game developer!! :D:D

eagle212931d ago

Can't wait to try it out. :)

LarsoVanguard2931d ago

Totally excited about this one - I'm very interested to see how the 3d screen will be integrated into the stealth gameplay. Gotta say I disagree with the author about Snake Eater being the best in the series though. MGS1 will always be my favorite.