Official Sony 'Twin Drop & Charge Pad' appears on just found this on It looks like the kind of device you get for mobile phone in which you place the product on a pad and it is charged wirelessly. It's retailing at £29.99 and will be release on the 29th of this month. It includes the following;

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R2D23293d ago

Unless it can charge my DS3 I am not interested.

BiggCMan3293d ago

how dumb could you get?? way to go man, make yourself look like an ass. try reading the article first instead of the description.

KUV19773293d ago

That's exactly what it is for. Charging your DS3 without connecting a cable. Just put the DS3 on them and they will charge (near them should also work somewhat).

MisterAV3293d ago

reading from seems that you have to plug something on the usb of the ds3 and that plug can receive wireless the energy from the base when on it
otherwise what the meaning of the adaptor for the controller

addyjones12343293d ago

Yeah that's right. A small adaptor attaches to the controller and then you just place it on or near the mat to charge.

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