Destructible Environments in Resistance 3?

PS3Center: "So who here isn’t a huge Resistance fan? The games are fantastic and Insomniac always steps it up a notch with every title released in the franchise. We get bigger battles, more badass bosses, creepy Chimera, and massive online battles. Well what will Resistance 3 bring to us if Insomniac is already pushing the limits every way possible? "

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Sevir043300d ago

R:FoM had plenty of physics base calculations that resulted in destructible environments. maybe not as Prolific as as Killzone 2 or Bad Company 2 or even Red Faction but it certainly had its share of destructible environments. and from what ive seen This game aims to rival KZ2 and tthat was back in october :-) just sit tight.

First it was screens then it's the Game informer reveal. the last stage of the blowout will be Gameplay trailer. because we already got the live action Teaser.

arnoldocastillo20033300d ago

Yep i concurred with you resistance already had the physics in its graphic engine, hopefully we will see some MLAA and triple buffer V-Sync and for sure some 3D and move support.

360RRODFIX3300d ago

arnold, do you have 3D tv?


"Notice the guy on the train has longer black hair? Yeah that’s not Capelli and some of the more hardcore Resistance fans could figure out who it could possibly be. "

Who could it be? James Grayson?

CantHaveOpinionsHere3300d ago

most of the time it's overdone or not done enough to mention

blackburn53300d ago

Does that mean it will be harder to hide behind things like in MGS4? Isn't it bad enough that augers can shoot through walls, now I have to worry about my cover being destroyed? Ah well. I don't mind. The more the challenge, the better for me.

alphakennybody3300d ago

more challenging? count me in!

bananasNmonkeys3300d ago

There is a difference between destructible environments and destructible objects.
Games like BF:BC2 have fully destructible environments(everything from the ground to buildings.) Whereas games like Killzone have destructible objects.

360RRODFIX3300d ago

oh noes, be ready to be hit by disagrees.

shazui1233300d ago

Destructible pillars in KZ2 are building parts, not "objects".

bananasNmonkeys3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Yeah but no matter how many rpg's hit those pillars the building will never fall down. (yes I know there was that one set piece in kz2 where the structure collapsed but it felt very scripted.)

killzowner3300d ago

So? The pillar is still part of the environment, moreso than destructible "objects" scattered around. The building falling down would be another level of destructibility, doesn't mean it didn't have a destructible environment

shazui1233300d ago

Add the buildings (plural), bridges and other structures that are dynamically destroyed in K2 and voila, destructible environment

Klepto3300d ago

Come on man, KZ2 was good but saying it had destructible environments is really pushing it! Some of the pillars had pieces that would break apart but it wasn't like bad company where you could blow holes through the walls.

shazui1233300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Thats why BC/BC2 have some of the best destructible environments. Just because they are of a higher level of detail than other games does not mean those other games don't have destructible environments, lets be sensible here.
Bottom line, much, but not all of kz2's environment fell to pieces when struck by explosions gunfire. Yup, sounds destructible to me

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Shanks3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Jesus, every article about Resistance 3 gives me goosebumps :O
I will probably shit bricks when I see a gameplay footage >_<

blackburn53300d ago

Exactly. KZ2's environment came apart when hit by gunfire. I don't think it matter's what the level of destruction it is. Anything in a game that can be destoryed is part of the environment. So wouldn't that make it a destructable environment no matter what? I don't think you have to destory a whole building for it to be classified as a game with destructable environment.

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