Halo Reach 2? How Will 343 Studios Finish What Bungie Started, Master Chief Coming Back Soon HHGS

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Mustang300C20123297d ago

"Halo Reach 2"

Someone has clearly shown again they have no idea about Halo or the story.

Brewski0073297d ago

Im sick of reading silly titles, clicking it and being like "oh right its just hhg". god dammit !

Eamon3297d ago

MAN, I am cracking up so hard right now I'm crying.

I think HHG didn't realise that Halo Reach 2 would basically be Halo: Combat Evolved.

Forget that, Planet Reach doesn't even survive so how can there be a sequel.


valanceer3297d ago

The planet reach is still there... its not like it blew up lol

Chubear3297d ago

Their Halo game will be beyond anything Bungie could do graphically, gameplay wise and story wise. Some will cry about the lack of "teh features" but anyone with a brain will see 343 studios surpassing by miles a boat load of other things Bungie have been average at.

For the first time you'll see people who were never interested in halo or saw it as just a hype title now sit up and take notice but ironically, those that have been religious to halo in the past will be the one most negatively vocal

book mark

Eamon3296d ago

I meant the Colony not the planet itself.

frostypants3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

You guys seriously think Microsoft would forgo the money to be made on a Halo Reach sequel? I promise you, the corporate overlords don't give two sh*ts about the Halo story. They can shoehorn one in.

Hell, they may not even call it "Reach 2". All one can do is speculate what the title will be. But the whole "they can't do that!" angle is stupid. MS can do whatever the f*ck they feel like.

Get real, people. The hate towards HHG makes you look childish. The man's got more connections in the industry than anyone here.

AtatakaiSamurai3296d ago

exactly! i have no idea why people are acting like reach2 is impossible and laughing as if you didn't play the game or you have little to no imagination.

a story can be shoe horned easily with reach. halo story is very average. you can put anything you want in it. like you said ms doesn't give a damn about halo story or fans. it brings the money and its easy to create a halo reach2 and 3 and 4 f they want

halo is a big money maker by name alone. they don't care about just bring out a product slap halo in the title and it will sell

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N4PS3G3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Halo Reach 2? That the stupidest nonsense you've posted in a long time. Don't you ever feel ashamed of posting so much dumb crap?

There no humanly possible way to make a Reach 2 because it's called Halo 1. THERE'S NO MORE PLANET REACH.

You're like the worst kind of puppet, you report everything you hear even if it doesn't make sense. You have no sense of telling right from wrong, you don't use your logic. You are the best definition of what unprofessional means. How can you be so ill-informed about so many stuff and yet have the NERVE to self proclaim yourself as the "best journalist" in the industry. Why don't you earn that title and stop being so delusional?

Oh, and btw...

Def Jam Rapstar 9/10
Halo: Reach 9/10


LordMarius3297d ago

you deserve a bubble for that

Kingmitch233297d ago

Definite bubble

Although it seems a weekly habit to unsuspectingly click on a "wtf" title and then realize its hhg. Unfortunately unlike others like Zero Punctuation or (especially) Extra Credits its not a positive experience.

TROLL EATER3297d ago

dumbest title of the decade.

siyrobbo3297d ago

halo reach 2, the official sequel to a prequel of the original. Hiphop you are a genius

dangert123297d ago

that game is not a 9 out of 10 LOL

The Xbox Empire3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Even the Spartan's are face-palming.

Imperator3297d ago

I'd like to see a Halo FPS based on the time before Reach (the same time period as Halo Wars which was a great RTS imo).

ASSASSYN 36o3297d ago


So 343 which comprises of half if not most former bungie employees are going to do what couldn't be done under bungie's roof? I am confident great things will be done but I am 100% confident you had no clue 343 is full of former bungie employees.

crzyjackbauer3297d ago

Halo is in good hands if not better than Bungie
343 industries is filled with half of the Halo3 team
cant wait too see what Halo 4 looks like

AtatakaiSamurai3296d ago

it seems you have no clue about how the industry works either. the guys left over from former bungie are worker bees. they were not responsible for the production or direction of halo. they just worked on the game either as part of animation team, lighting team, art team etc etc.

if not they would still be called bungie. the main guys directly responsible for the direction of halo are no longer there and a new set of very well known heads of development, who worked on many high end great games, are now in charge.

i dont know if they can make halo better cause to me ms controls what they can or cannot do financially but if you want to be ignorant then thats great for you but your trying to insult someone stating he doesnt have facts when it is you that dont have all your facts. thats funny and ironic

kparks3297d ago

reach 2 no sequel how about a prequel lol hahaha

vhero3297d ago

@Chubear wow... just wow... Bungie have practically got everything they could out of the 360 because there's not much else to get. The console itself limited them not there development skills go away noob.

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Pandamobile3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Halo Reach 2? What?

Halo Reach leads right into Halo 1, how the hell can they make a sequel out of that?

Oh right, it's HHG.

TheLastGuardian3297d ago

Notice how he started putting HHGS in his titles. So If you don't like him please don't click the article or you know what go ahead. Your just giving him what he wants which is clicks. For a while he was having legit titles but they weren't getting such high degrees. This week it seems like he made a title just to get clicks and he barely talked about the Halo Reach 2 possibility. I don't really care for Halo but I hope Halo Reach 2 comes out so all of you guys can be wrong. The rest of the show was great.

Motorola3297d ago

I actually watched it and was bored out of my mind. With a title like that, at LEAST have some decent content

Abash3297d ago

Is it Sunday already? I got to make sure not to visit this site on Sundays cause I always see headlines that look interesting, then I see it's from HHG and get disappointed cause that means the "news" is fake.

ndibu3297d ago

Don't forget to Remember Reach. . .um again!