Robot Geek Review : Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Dan and Jamie both review NSUNS 2, (I'll be damned If i'm typing that out again). With no prior lack of knowledge to Naruto, it shows...

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RedDead3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Guess it's a fans only game then haha

Also I know a game should be able to stand up on it's single player but alot of games these days are for multi player only, this game is more or less a multiplayer game with a tacked on single player, just like the first one.

ExplosionSauce3292d ago

"this game is more or less a multiplayer game with a tacked on single player, just like the first one."

The first one was single-player only.

If this game has improved over the first one overall, then it's all good for me :)

Heartnet3292d ago

Story Only lol since there is a demo for it and it has split screen multiplayer :)

RedDead3292d ago

Split screen(well not really) but two people on the same console was where it was at. I wouldn't have played the game without it.

ExplosionSauce3291d ago

I meant off-line!

Sorry, I was thinking online multiplayer.

RobotGeek3292d ago

That's the impression we got. The campaign seems like a fan service as you can play through all these cool battles and as every character essentially, but it just was a chore getting from one place to another! Not actually worth the effort, rather just free battle. One problem i failed to mention was the fact the only way to unlock characters was through the flippin campaign!

Optical_Matrix3292d ago

Whats wrong with unlocking characters through the campaign? Isn't that how most fighters work in terms of unlocking characters. You play with arcade mode/story mode fulfilling conditions to unlock characters. I'd much rather have that than unlocking them through buying them with in game money like the Gekitou Ninja Taisen series. Just throwing it out there

RobotGeek3292d ago

I'd have no problem with it normally man, but if you read the review, both of us say the campaign is as boring as, apart from the fighting, which is the minority of the snoozefest.

Senden3292d ago

I'm with RobotGeek here.. I LOVE naruto but I played the campaign on ultimate ninja 4 I think it was and it was bloody awful.. finding you way around mazes for no other reason than to add playing time to the campaign. I LOVE naruto but that had absolutely nothing to do with the anime.

I haven't checked the campaign in this however I won't hold my breath for something deep and compelling.

Redempteur3292d ago

i'm pretty sure the campaign wouldn't be so "boring" if you actually knew the plot ..and understand it .. going from point A to point B is boring ..but it's pretty clear that most of your frustration was because you didn't understand anything about the game ( setting , characters , plot ).. and of course you don't understand a thing .. you're jumping into the second half of a story without prior knowledge of the first half.
all the important points ( sasuke , itachi , akatsuki , the nine tails, the battle for the jinchunrikisn ,ect ) are foreign language for you making the game boring thats' for sure ..

PeterGriffinSays3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Naruto has a very intricate and deep story. Unlike some other anime, it's not a show where you can jump into at any point. You need to see it from episode 1 of the first series all the way to where it's currently at in Shippuden to understand anything. The review is goin' to throw many people off. I played the demo, and I must say, it's a very good game. Captures the feel perfectly. Fans of the series will love this, and people who aren't fans will like it as long as they understand its their own fault they have no clue what the hell is goin' on, story wise.

metalanime3292d ago

I understand quite a bit about the characters plot and everything else, the things is that the games way of going about these details doesnt compare to the manga or anime. All the story in these games boils down to is a pretty stale and outdated navigation, primary there not to increase the enjoyment, but drag out the playability of the game. Story bits are just presented in japanese simulator format, which is pretty horrible, and once again cant compare to the source material, and they throw in the battle in between. The story cut-scenes are pretty cool, but that is only the presentation for major battles.

I dont see how seeing an inaccurate version of the original telling, all over again and in an inferior format doesnt qualify as boring.

metalanime3292d ago

im a huge naruto fan, but i have to agree with this. Theres nothing fun or intriguing about the story mode. A lot of the time its more of a chore, and while i personally still have fun, its a pretty lame shot at immersing the player in narutos world. Even cutting that out, while the game looks great, the combat, while fun, is pretty stale and doesnt allow for too much strategy. It lacks in combo variety, homing shuriken suck, and its often more of a battle to get the lvl 3 ougi. I like the control and evasion, but the gameplay is just too simplistic.

Maybe if it was more like gekitou ninja taisen on the GC. Had more combos, more strategy and 4 player battles which were f*ing awesome. At the very least, they should have tried doing 4 player battles here too...either way, i would expect it to deserve more than a 3 out of 5, may 4 pushing it.

Regardless, its a day 1 purchase for me.

RedDead3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I can't really blame them for it, it's for Fans only really. I mean it's hard to fit so 150+ 20 min episodes into a game. Then there's also the backstory and the reason everything is actually happening which if you skipped Naruto part 1 and even Uns1.

It's fine by me. All I know is that I liked the first game(besides some overpowered jutsu) quite a bit and still play it against my brother the odd time. So i'll still be getting this.

Reviewer is right that if your not a fan you won't understand properly, you won't know why Sasuke is trying to kill his brother fully, you won't know where the powers come from like Mangekyo sharingan. The game won't explain the coolness of Jutsu and the chakra system in general(best reason for having super human powers in fiction imo). More importantly you won't know why Certain people are such a big deal, there's not enough time to explain it all.

Edit--It's hard to sympatise with characters when you don't know whats wrong with them in the first place, the first game was terrible at telling the story so I don't expect it to be great in this one.

EDIT----Also this game has toned down violence, nudity and language for the sake of kids in America who watch it the Dubbed version, that's why there's some weird random lines you won't understand like the peverted sage(he's a really BIG pervert in the show, you'll have to take my word for it)

RobotGeek3292d ago

I genuinely said that it's perfect as fan service. But for anyone else it's not particularly welcoming, and i considering there is a large community that don't watch naruto but play games, i think it's a fair reflection score wise. Granted i'd have liked someone from the site to be a massive naruto watcher, but we don't have everything :P

Baka-akaB3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

it doesnt matter if it's anime fan service or not ... it's a fighting game and you're lowering a score of a fighting game based on its single player mode ? Nor could you even try the online , wich is pretty much what everyone on the fence would be still undecisive about .

Sorry but it makes little sense to me . Or did we miss reviews where you lowered score for other fighting games because of its plot and sp mode with unlocks ?

You dont even seems to get the gameplay parts right even ... you couldnt have a gamescore for the original game , as it was never on 360 , and didnt even have trophies on ps3 .

And wich part of it's gameplay is reminiscent of final fantasy ? You made a rather vague point wich might need some clarification .

Imo you just rushed to push the first or one of the first review of the game , but it''s worthless to non-fans with very little useful infos , and as worthless for fans with nothing on online nor much details on the gameplay changes .

eX-GREED3292d ago

'Baka' you got him good... gamescore my ass. NUNS1 was/is exclusive to the PS3. I don't want to come out harsh but this review is 'FAIL.'


metalanime3292d ago

1. the single player mode is part of the package as a whole, so it stands to reason that it should have bearing on the total score, especially if its required to unlock all characters

2. How does this game, as a fighting game, really deserve much praise? Im not saying its bad, but its not great either. Take away the amazing cell shading and all you really have is a bunch of characters with a very minimal amount of combos, 2.5 special moves (.5 being a chargeable lvl 1) and homing shuriken. The battles are very simple and there is very little to the gameplay. Yes the control on the characters for dodging and evading/running are cool, but otherwise it doesnt bring much to the fighting game table. Plain and simple, its and anime game for anime fans, and im one of those fans, but im not going to fool myself into thinking of it as a fighting game on the level of street fighter or mvc2.

final fantasy part, if it wasnt obvious enough, is because you do a lot of running around in final fantasy, of course you usually have more to do in ff games...

Baka-akaB3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


Well you are actually fooling yourself quite a bit . I said nothing about the game being great , or even good , nor comparable to "real fighting games" in this instance .

1 . It's a double standards if your not judging sp mode for pretty much most fighting games out there the same way ... and i bet they dont .
I dont remember points removed from say the original SF4 when you had to unlock characters via a story mode that's everybit as integral , forced , and way more boring , with a story that makes no sense for people not already used to the street fighter universe .

2. I spoke mostly about the review itself and its poor quality with plenty of errors .

You're reading quite a lot into a simple matter , i'd say the same about a review of dbz raging blast 2 done the same way .. and i can't stand een the sight of that game .

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RedDead3292d ago

I agree with you. Fan service entirely. So the score for you and people who don't watch is probably right. There's a few Naruto fans on the site but there's alot of people who also think Anime is shi* in general.

Baka-akaB3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

those folks wouldnt be wondering about Naruto UNS2 to begin with . A more fair approach would be to give it its due in ratings , with a bold and huge "behold it's only worth that much for fans of the series or anime fans in general "

FAGOL3292d ago

Damn there's fetch quests and crap like that. I hated collecting them scrolls in NUNS1.

LordMarius3292d ago

Why would someone play a Naruto game if they are not a fan of it, especially since this game only focuses on the Shippuuden arc so you are missing the first part of the story

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