Gametrailers Call Of Duty Bonus Round Special

In This Episode:
Behind the Design is a special Bonus Round where we go straight to the developer to talk about their design philosophies, receive their commentary on the trailers they've created, learn about what has hit the cutting room floor and more! What challenges does Treyarch face creating a new Call of Duty? How different is it to work with fictional history rather than World War II? What's this about a Black Market feature in multiplayer that was cut? You asked for us to go behind-the-scenes - and now, we're Behind the Design!

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frankymv3293d ago

I wonder which will be the better game b/w Black Ops and MOH. I'm getting both so I'll find out soon.

ExPresident3293d ago

Lack of any MoH reviews really, really puts doubt in my mind about how its going to turn out. I'm 99.9% against getting CoD just because I don't feel like supporting Bobby K and his nonsense approach to screwing gamers over.

HSx93292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

how about you write on all your bills "f**k you bobby kotick" then buy your game like that, when it's pay day bobby kotick will see it, and cry.

ABizzel13292d ago

I guess COD is winning their GOTY award again.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3293d ago

Also getting both. It started out being more excited for COD:BO but after watching MP beta gameplay and early leaked vids of the campaign....MoH whoo!

frankymv3293d ago

Agreed. MoH looks to be the better game. CoD simple looks exactly the same as every other CoD that cam before it this gen except set in the cold war. Also, MoH looks much better graphically.

HSx93292d ago

for the love of god, this interview was so boring!

S_C3293d ago

Same here really looking forward to them both

GaMe013293d ago

I have talked so much garbage about this game because of my distaste to for Mw2. I would like to apologize and admit that in fact I will get Black ops because it does look really good

HOSe3293d ago

Economy system : welcome to counter strike, circa 1999.

GLoRyKnoT3293d ago

Getting both regardless. Cuz, shooting u is what i do:)

jdktech20103292d ago

yay for having money!!!!!

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