Massively: Vivox's Monty Sharma Talks Voice Integration Between the PC and PS3

Since 2006, Vivox has provided integrated voice chat services to MMOs on the PC. At GDC Online in Austin, it made the major announcement that it has successfully implemented its voice chat service into the PlayStation 3 gaming console. This means players will be able to communicate between the PC and the PS3, which is a big milestone for cross-platform games.

This new service is currently being tested in SOE's upcoming MMO DC Universe Online, and players should see it in-game in the near future. Vivox Founder and Vice President Monty Sharma sat down to talk with Massively about the new service.

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ArchangelMike3291d ago

But where's the cross game chat for PS3 to PS3, eh Sony? We've only been waiting what... like 4 years?!

mrmcygan3291d ago

there is a rumor that Google tv will give the PS3 cross game chat

i_am_interested3290d ago

people gotta stop with this google tv on ps3 stuff

its nothing but a browser on tv

DORMIN3290d ago

Interesting, is this for DC online?

Fishy Fingers3291d ago

This isnt cross-game, it's cross platform. PC and PS3 gamers will only be able to communicate when playing the same game.

ArchangelMike3291d ago

but my point still remains though... Sony have obviously put development time and money in this cross-platform chat (as you call it), but the fact remains that cross game chat native to the PS3 is still not implemented - and no one really knows why?!?

UltimateIdiot9113290d ago

Microsoft holds a patent on cross game chat. So Sony has to achieve in a way different than MS and not only that, reduce the memory footprint.

Old games were design to use all or most of the memory which does not give room for cross game chat.

It's not a big deal to me as I rarely to never chat in multiplayer games anyway. But the faster Sony implement it, the less I have to hear people whine about it.

Christopher3290d ago

Though, technically, it could be expanded to associate itself in many ways of Sony were to pay for the licensing of the service. User accounts for MMOs and the tracking of guilds, friends, and groups within them is extremely similar to the same concepts of clans and friends of the PS3.

IMChampion3290d ago

More like cross-platform...didnt read anything about cross-game there.

GrandTheftZamboni3290d ago

Here in Canada, we have something called a telephone. It works really well regardless of game you and your buddy are playing. It works with all consoles, even handhelds. I would highly recommend it.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3290d ago
NellyNel_7_1_33290d ago


^^Who in the hell is going to be gaming with their buddies on the phone? That make no sense at all! You rather hold a phone to your ear then, having a mic on to play your games online with your buddies freely? I mean... i would like to have my hands free when it come playing my games online with or against my friends... i dont know that is just me...

GrandTheftZamboni3290d ago

I probably wouldn't want to hold a phone while gaming, but all of my phones are hands free (speakerphone). And I wasn't really serious, but now that I think of it, that might work well, even conference calls these days are included in standard plans. Also, why would I want to be limited to chat with friends that are playing on the same console. One drawback I can see is that if you want privacy then you'd need to hold a phone on your ear.

socofsnails3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

It's an interesting concept. Now if they can just get to work on auto-muting anyone under 18...