Silentblack's Ironstar Minute: Playstation Move To Win Over Kinect?

After reading many articles among gaming magazines and websites, I've seen how many people voice their opinions about whether or not the Kinect could compete with the Playstation Move...

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Apocalypse Shadow3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

i have no idea if Move will outsell Kinect or the other way around.we're talking what ifs.

but for ACTUAL GAMES,Move is the better buy.if you call waving your hand innovative,then you will have to call this innovative as well as it does the same thing for less.

isn't this controlling a GUI without any hands?is this not controllers-less gaming on sony's previous gaming system?

isn't this head tracking,hand tracking,jumping,gesture moves,etc on sony's first eyetoy?if you say that kinect is innovative,then you are saying sony was innovative on both eyetoy/ are also saying that sony could easily add gesture support to the XMB.but sony knows that a button press is faster.gesture is cool,but it has limits.

let's just take fighting as an example.....does anyone really want to play this star wars with NO CONTROLLER?
rail games are fun for a couple of minutes.but wouldn't you rather control a star wars game like this:

doesn't the Move controller look like a light saber handle?

it's not just that.look at harry potter kinect..
no blocking,no 3D movement,no dodging...just NO.but then,sorcery looks like how harry potter should be

SERIOUSLY.....there is just no comparison on control.if one of these should win,it should be on quality and control.and move just obliterates kinect each time while being able to do kinect abilities if sony wanted to..gamers should be championing better standards.but it seems there are a group of 360 gamers that have not cared about quality since 360 launch.and have only championed *SALES*,*HYPE* and *MARKETING DOLLARS* over greatness...


deadreckoning6663295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

What does the title mean by "win". The gamers win obviously.

@Apocalypse Shadow- I'm in awe at your wall of ignorance. You make it seem like there aren't people in this world that are capable of enjoying BOTH Move and Kinect for different reasons. facepalm/

@V1c1ous- ROFL..I was thinking the same thing. Don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited to try both Move and Kinect.

commodore643295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Totally agreed, Deadreckoning.

Only in the black and white world of fanboys are egos linked to one console being better than the other.
In an ideal world, we would enjoy each for the unique entertainment they provide, celebrating any differences they provide as contrast for our end user experience.

Does that actually happen on n4g, though?

At the moment, I am attracted to the fun and fitness aspect of kinect. I can't wait to try it out with my two year old niece. She will probably love the idea of moving and seeing herself represented onscreen. To me, as an uncle, such fun to be had with my family is priceless and I will likely cherish the memories for years to come.

With regard to the move, sure, it is a good piece of kit and looks pretty accurate.
However, I certainly cannot see myself enjoying fun move games with my niece, as I can with kinect.
On the other hand,upcoming games, such as KZ3 will likely make some impressive use of the technology, so hardcore gamers might have fun with it - on their own at least.

Ultimately, my point is the same as yours, deadreckoning. Kinect and move are aimed at different mindsets. Here on n4g, we have a plethora of console loyal hardcore gamers that refuse to entertain the notion that other gamers may have different preferences to their own.
That is a bit unfortunate.

Kinect and move each have their place and each will reflect a unique user experience. Whichever is more successful will be demonstrated by the FUN factor and will be quantifiable in terms of sales. Since the release of move, its sales have demonstrably been lacklustre - but it is early days yet, and the move holiday season may yet prove otherwise.

In the end, consumers will vote with their wallets and all the hissing and gnashing of teeth by hardcore haters, stuck in their mom's basement and vying for attention, will be for nought.

Motorola3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

2 year old niece with a video game???? thats messed up.....i understand above 5 years BUT TWO YEAR OLD? seriously dude, even EC games are for 3 years and above... If i show a two year old PS move or kinect, they may like video games too much since and they would kill their parents for it. at least wait until they know to talk fully...

dalibor3295d ago

Have fun with your niece and using Kinect.. To me both are meant to have fun with and that's the bottom line. Only catch is that some may not like Move and others will think badly of Kinect. And the games will cater to different groups. Could they both do well and actually co-exist? It could be possible. Since I only have a PS3 I only have one option, Move. I think I might get it or at least check it out. It looks like it would be something I would like and people from my friend list who have it have been telling m that they like it.

v1c1ous3295d ago

did you have it saved somewhere or spend long time writing it beforehand?

gcolley3295d ago

fanboys have all their arguments already formatted in their heads

uxo223295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

one sec

Is this the same guy that posted this:

Ironstar Hardware Review: PlayStation Move Controllers

So, how does it work now; we get a fanboy with a website, he post his opinion pieces on his site and then come to NG4 and post it again to get hits for his site?

haha, the good old American dream at

Rumbanana3294d ago

"So, how does it work now; we get a fanboy with a website, he post his opinion pieces on his site and then come to NG4 and post it again to get hits for his site?

haha, the good old American dream at"

For the uninitiated, that's what these social news agitator sites are for. That is the aim of 99% of websites on the internet are for. To draw in hits. Have you ever heard the term "Social Media Marketing"?

niceguywii603295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

He does that with all of his comments he uses that account to counter anything about the 360 that's potentially important/huge/game changer. He carefully writes counter damage control talking points filled with spin about any huge 360 news where he can use it later and tweek them tailoring them for specific articles with the same topic(s). Matter of fact you will never see this guy use this account on anything else but huge 360 news for stealth trolling purposes.

I very much doubt a Wii clone could compete with the new Kinect tech, plain and simple. Go ahead and add some spin in disagreement. His fanboy jibberish means nothing people on both sides can make claims from either camp either trolling Kinect or defending it, the tech is new and more advanced and more popular by default. I think he is Nasim/tanod/shmee/graywulf and so on to this day.

westy5523295d ago

Ever heard of the pot and kettle? lol

raztad3295d ago


I almost spit my cofee. This sh!t is too good: niceguywii60 talking about alt accounts.


On topic:

I find those Kinect vs MOVE hit whoring articles rather pointless, N4G users have their mind set so there is no convincing. I honestly dont believe in Kinect, it looks like a bag full of unattainable promises and on-rails games.

However I dont doubt many will buy it. MS knows how to trick people and dance games have proven to be popular before. Fortunately for PS3 owners, it is MS who is coming with that device and no Sony, who still caters its core audience first and foremost. Love me some MAG with MOVE.

BTW, stop saying Kinect is "new and innovative", it isnt. The concept/ideas behind Kinect can be found in many EyeToy games.

moparful993295d ago

"the tech is new and more advanced and more popular by default"

After that little nugget of biased opinion you have noooo room to judge anyone... He made alot of valid claims, true or not is getting into semantics and I'm not gonna argue with you since you had your mind made up the day that natal/kinect was announced. But he clearly states his argument and then proceeds to support those claims with proof and all you can do is holler fanboy as if its somehow devalues his opinion.. Those that label others as fanboys are all to often the fanboys themselves... Look move is here, its selling really well, and the media loves it... Nothing you can do about that. Now we wait and see how kinect does. No amount of speculation, mud slinging, or spin can change this fact.. Move is an instant success for sony and microsoft is hedging all of its bets on kinect.....

JokesOnYou3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

So this was written by a n4g member who writes opinion pieces for Ironstarmovement, oh OK well its not like you need to pass a test to own a website, its the internet ya know.


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acheashadow3295d ago

I work for a major UK street retailer and our NPD's showed that Move only sold 891 units in the first week of sales in Region 1 which is basically half of the UK. If Move is going to outsell Kinect then Sony really need to start pushing the advertising to get it in everyones heads in time for Christmas.

moparful993295d ago

Proof? Didn't think so....

Bigpappy3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Move needs good casual games. It also needs to make those good casual games better and more appealing to the casuals. You would think looking like the Wii would appeal to casuals how have the Wii and would like something better. But that is not the case. The we crownd played the Wii for 4 yrs. They know what its like to play Wii like games. They don't want to toss out the Wii and buy a PS3 that can't play the games they already have. PS3 will get the crowd who want to play core games with "better than Wii" motion controls.

M$ has a much easier job that Sony. Kinect is seen as something different and even more appealing to casuals that the Wii, because you just walk up to it and play. Can't get any simpler than that. It is the same fun games that they get on the wii(Kenect Sports) and some completely new ones that they can never get on the Wii (Dance Central). They can keep their wii and get Kinect also, because the experience is completely different. In the long term, Kinect will replace the Wii as the prefered casual gamer control.

stuna13295d ago

I just find it amazing how so many here on n4g talk like they have extra sensory perception or something as if they have everyone figured out, if so I sure could use 7 numbers! So I can play the mega millions. The truth of the facts, you don't know jack sh#t on how this is going to play out! If kinects sell more, good for it. If move sells more, good for it. Stop wasting you'll time hoping that one will sell the other into oblivion, because it's not going to happen.

Bigpappy3295d ago

I take back the comment: "In the long term, Kinect will replace the Wii as the prefered casual gamer control." That was pure speculation, and even though I was thinking it, it was a dumb thing to say. I am no Pacther.

moparful993295d ago

Your entire statement was speculation.. You assume that kinect has more appeal for the casuals because its, in theory, different from the wii... But honeslty the input is the only difference, kinect still relies on alot of gesture based inputs and has alot of casual heavy titles... Microsofts selling point is that bleeding edge innovation and the truth is that its not..

Tron_Rocks3295d ago

MOVE IS NOTHING NEW!!! Wii has had the same thing for 5 years! At least Kinect brings something totally new to the gaming area...

gcolley3295d ago

i wouldn't say new, but new in the eyes of the consumer.

jjmustoe3295d ago

move is a wii rip-off

Kinect is a complete joke and a eye toy rip-off

Pillville3295d ago

Wii = motion control
Kinect = camera
Move = motion + camera

How is Kinect more of a new idea than Move?
and if Move is a fancier Wii, where is the Wii's camera?

Motorola3295d ago

uhhh kinect = eyetoy. Or kinect = ps eye with backwards compatable PS3 and a game called Eye toy play....

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CantHaveOpinionsHere3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

while I think the move will have good-acceptable software in terms of quality and functionality, the kinect at the moment doesn't look to good as far as software. I'd say trash both and get back to reality and leave the motion controls to the wii who does it correctly. I wonder how much I could sell my move on amazon for. Twenty bucks would be good, atleast that would be more than what it's worth, but unfortunately less than what I idiotically paid for it. I'll just not purchase kinect at all.

moparful993295d ago

Jaded much? Nintendo did not get motion controls right, they were just the first to be succesful.. If they had they wouldn't need the wii motion plus and move's sales would have bombed....

CantHaveOpinionsHere3294d ago

Wii Motion Plus wouldn't make Move bomb. Two different consoles with two different target demographics. Most gamers dont own both consoles. So they would have to choose their only option for motion controls. Price also helps the Wii

moparful993294d ago

My point was that nintendo did NOT get motion controls right.. If they had then they wouldnt have released wii motion plus. Also if the wii's audience was truly satisfied with "motion controls done right" they wouldnt have any need to look at a move... But move is selling very well.. If you cant make that correlation then I have nothing else to explain.. Ohh and sony is aiming at every demographic of gamer alive... young, old, man, woman, child, casual, hardcore... Yes you are right that why the wii sold like hot crack it was cheap and different... You are trying far to hard to discredit move whenver you know that it is everything the wii should have been as far as fidelity and precision are concerned.....

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