Is it an MMO? Is it an FPS? No. It's Firefall

Paul Briden - Coregamer: Red 5 Studios are working on a new free-to-play MMO/FPS fusion called Firefall - A persistent world with hundreds of players but without the typical MMO stat-based combat with target locking and auto-attack modes.

Unscripted world events will also occur dynamically in the game, the city hubs which in many MMO's are a safe haven will come under attack and if players do not rally to defend they will be overrun, meaning players will have to band together to take them back by force. The developers have stated that the game will have not only day/night cycles but also seasons and weather patterns. Variations in time, date and weather will have an effect on game events such as the spawning of particular enemies in certain areas, the evil Chosen alien race, for example, apparently attack more often at dusk.

The game will be available for PC, and is aimed for release toward the end of 2011. The website is currently accepting beta signups.

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BannedForNineYears3294d ago

Lol, did they really say this game's gonna be free? Or did they mean free to play?

Letros3294d ago

Free and free-to-play supported via micro-transactions I believe.

NAGNEWS3294d ago

is there any game like this one free to play?

i kinda like the game play style

Pandamobile3294d ago

Holy crap, that looks awesome