Ironstar Hardware Review: PlayStation Move Controllers

Hey everyone! Today I bring you our review of the PlayStation Move motion controllers for the SONY PlayStation 3. If you already have a PlayStation Eye, this cutting edge controller is available for just $49.99. The PlayStation Move delivers on true 1:1 motion tracking in real time and is a must-own for PlayStation 3 gamers off all kinds. Check out the full video review below!

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KratosGirI3290d ago

"3DTV infrared interferes with Wii/Kinect sensors."


Imperator3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Move is just great. I'd give a 9/10 overall. The precision is amazing and I can't wait for Sorcery! It's gonna be epic.

DarkTower8053290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I like at the end where he said, "How are you going to play COD with Kinect?" Playing COD with Move would be fun as heck, but you know it will never happen. Activision doesn't want to hurt the feelings of their bed-buddy MS, and will probably never allow it to be implemented. It's sad because you know it's possible, and MAG, RE5, SOCOM 4 and KZ3 are proof of that.

EDIT: Lol @ the disagree fairy in here. Someone's feewings got huwt by this article? Haha, I admit that this video did come off a little fanboyish, but everything stated what true,he was just raw about it.

Army_of_Darkness3290d ago

This video review was very informative and well done.

DORMIN3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Impressive stuff. I'm going to pick up a Move when LBP2, KZ2, and Infamous 2 come out.

crazy250003290d ago

they need to hurry up!!! cant wait for sorcery either, this will be the first time i play a game like that simply because of the interactions using ps move..

ive already downloaded all the move demos to see which one to buy :p

Elimin83290d ago

Better be EPIC! I am so looking forward to it.

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Dragun6193290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

He was referring to Sony's 3D Shutter Glasses that use infrared sensors and says how the glasses would interfere if mixed Wii/Kinect infrared Sensors. He mentioned it because Move doesn't use infrared sensors, meaning you can use Both Move and the 3D Shutter Glasses at the same time.

MikeGdaGod3290d ago

love my move controllers

finally got my gf to stop asking for a Wii and now i'm just waiting for more games.

i'd give it a 8.5 now and thats only because most of the games i want for it won't be out till next year....c'mon SOCOM!!!!

Sevir043290d ago

In short i'm very impressed with it. Ive been playing MAG alot while it takes time to get use to it certainly is precise, Ive pulled off some kills with little effort once i got my head around the controls

its accuracy is amazingly impressive. I was perhaps a big doubter of this but having used it i'm happy to say that it's well worth the jump. I cant wait for second genereation Move games to release. So far MAG is great. Next is Heavy rain, then i'll get into Sports Champions :-) absolutely love it.

My score. 9/10

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360RRODFIX3290d ago

how can i be butt hurt when i have Two moves? Ignorant fanboy? Seems so.
I don't care what this site gives to PS3 games, they suck, bunch of amatures. Now go ....

birchoff3290d ago

I'm glad that so many are happy with the Move because I'm convinced to go buy one myself at any point. One thing though, how many companies will upgrade their already released PS3 titles to be able to handle Move? Is there a list somewhere?

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