CVG: Infamous 2 Preview

When you manage to pull off an IP launch as successful as Infamous, how you deal with the sequel is all-important.

You must create a balance between change and continuity. Fans need something fresh and exciting - but ultimately the foundations need to remain the same.

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BoNeSaW232931d ago

What? NO.
Cole still has the tattoo's and his hair is noticeably a bit longer. Check the screenshots!
THANKFULLY! The new Gay High pitched voice and baby face has been replaced.

The Tats fit Coles character, could totally see him getting those. They could even be a bit darker colored and I hope they have some meaning to them not just random lines or tribal crap.

BannedForNineYears2931d ago

Can't wait for this game........ >:[

ezcex2931d ago

dude can't wait. infamous was so bad ass already