A little more than 5% of Halo: Reach players have beaten Campaign solo on Legendary

TVGB writes:" Bungie’s Halo installments are notoriously difficult on high difficulty levels. And the same is proving true for Halo: Reach.

Its Legendary difficulty, the highest difficulty setting players can choose, is a downright beast. Difficult to beat cooperatively, and nearly impossible to tackle flying solo."

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Hades13373298d ago

Not too surprising really. You have to take into account the amount of people who have even played the campaign (never mind complete it), then narrow it down from the people who have completed it on easier difficulties (normal, heroic etc.), and then narrow that down from people who have completed it on legendary but in co-op. All things considered 5% sounds about right.

StanLee3297d ago

I've finished the campaign a few times already. Only now trying to complete the game on Legendary solo. Honestly, if not for the achievement, I wouldn't really bother.

catguykyou3297d ago

My first playthrough was legendary solo.

IaMs123297d ago

Yah and how freaking tough it is on legendary. My first play thro from Midnight it was released till 7:30 in that morning i played it through legendary 4 coop with friends and it was still freaking hard.
I like it haha

coolbeans3298d ago

Same here. Certainly was tough at times.

Fanb0y3297d ago

Well sir, I can't get past a single encounter without dying at least once.

You make it sound so easy.

mikepmcc3297d ago

I did legendary solo as well...if you keep dieing a lot, don't worry, it's normal, just take your time and keep trying different strategies.

EVILDEAD3603298d ago

Yeah..I havent had the chance yet..but I'm suprised that alot of my friends did Legendary solo..I loved co-op..but I've been trying to find the time to do it be honest there isn't even any rush..the game has just so much to do in multi..most I know are more concerned with the achievements than anything else

FreeMonk3297d ago

I first completed it on Heroic, then on Legendary Solo.

Apart from a couple of sequences during the game that involve multiple elites with hammers and fuel cannons, it was pretty easy.

SixZeroFour3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

halo reach was my first and only 100% achievement completion...solo legendary definitely was easier than anticipated, but still required a lot of lateral thinking

*****SPOILER ALERT******

one part i thought i would have trouble with was the part with 4 hunters in the club and you had to turn on the switch at the back...but then when i actually played the mission, it just thought of sprinting all the way around kill teh switch and sprint back out...luckily i worked lol

darkequitus3297d ago

I only had to kill one of the hunters at the bottom. I then trick one into going down the stairs.

EVILDEAD3603297d ago

Thanks for the tips..might try to finish this week..

@ Mr. Anonoymous

That's cool that you are already at 100%

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gamingdroid3297d ago

It took me forever, but I finally beat Halo: Reach on Legendary about a week after the game was released. It was a lot of fun.

hennessey863297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

although i nearly gave up because of the level on the beach where you have to activate two aa guns then press a button in the building which is guarded by brutes alot of them. It was really hard and took many attempts and it highlighted the friendly ai weakness im not joking you had eltes and soldiers standing next to each other doing nothing. The only time the soldiers would engage the enemy was when i was shooting aswell

SixZeroFour3297d ago

that happened cause bungie didnt want the ai to finish the level for you

Fanb0y3297d ago

I'm fairly sure friendly AI, at best, usually only damage enemies and leave you to finish them off.

FragMnTagM3297d ago

the ai shoots more often. When you crank it up to Legendary, they basically do nothing. When you are on normal, the ai finishes off foes more frequently.

Imperator3297d ago

Yep, I'm one of those. Was hard as hell, but I pulled through. Took me hours to beat though. Still, a lot of fun.

crzyjackbauer3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Legendary is the true way to play it

iceman29293297d ago

First run through was solo legendary. I like being in the 95th percentile of halo reach gamers :) I also got all but 3 achievements by the end of the first weekend. Im still missing the 2 ones involving rank and the invasion one...

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X_GAMER_X3298d ago

Am also one of them :D
Best of the best

Tikicobra3298d ago

I love this game, but I don't see how anyone can find Legendary fun. To me, it just seems cheap.

MiloGarret3297d ago

There were some moments that were definitely more frustrating than fun, but overall I thought Legendary was great. The final chapter in particular was just annoying, but i had already come so far so i finished it.

I still recommend playing this game on heroic and staying clear of Legendary.

SixZeroFour3297d ago

solo heroic or coop legendary is the way to go when playing the campaign...its always been the way i went about playing the halo campaigns

crzyjackbauer3297d ago

its a challange
i've also beaten COD4 in Veteran

omi25p3298d ago

im one of those 5%, then i am more than likely part of an even smaller percentage of people who hated the game and traded it in

Fishy Fingers3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

You hated it, yet completed it on Legendary?

XRider3298d ago

Fishy Fingers I think you just caught a troll. Now you have a choice to throw him back or stuff him and mount him on your wall.

omi25p3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

i completed it to get achievement points out of it. Here my bungie account if you dont believe me .

Also i didnt sell it because i was noobish at it, look at my Kill Death.

And if i was a troll why would i say im part of a small percent of people who didnt like the game? If i was a troll i would of said something stupid and untrue. For example

"I sold that *insert common swear word* because it is full of 12 year old fat american kids"

This being obviously untrue would make me a troll, also proving i did complete the game on legendary solo also proves i have done it so again i cant be a troll, im just speaking my honest opinion

@ elven6 I finished it because when i buy a game i try to get as much out of it as possible before i sell it.

I do this to make upfore the money i spent on it. I know when trading it in i will recieve a large amount of that money back but its still not the whole amount. Also i didnt really find it that difficulty so it only took me a few hours.

I love the amount of disagrees im getting even though i provided proof

Elven63297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

According to his gamertag, he did beat the game on Legendary, alone.

But my question is that if you hated it, why bother going through all of that?

Edit: Matthew94, note the two time stamps of the post and how close together they are? This means while I was making my post, gathering links, etc omi replied. Since I hadn't refreshed my page I wouldn't have seen his comment.

Matthew943297d ago

he just said

to get achievement points, learn2 read

air13297d ago

its ok not to like a game and still beat it...

i did the exact same thing with kz2, i felt the same way about it too. so yea, i wouldnt of needed a link for proof. good way to shut ppl up though..

badz1493297d ago

ding! ding! ding! I knew it, somebody will play the "me too" card using KZ2! being defensive much? at least @omi25p backed up his claim with proof, but you? I'll regard it as trolling until you provide proof! good day

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Unicron3297d ago

It's funny, people go on and on about how PS3 trolls rule this site... but you have a LEGIT posters (WITH PROOF, no less) posting how he didn't like the game... gasp, look at the disagrees!

Akagi3298d ago

A LOT of people don't even bother with SP and just buy it for MP. Understandable, really. Halo's MP is amazing.

AwakenTheTaco3298d ago

its sad that people are just buying for the multiplayer. it is amazing but you need to beat the campaign in my opinion. the real reason why these games exist to begin with.

LordMarius3298d ago

I havent beaten the SP just been playing the MP. I didnt find the first chapter intriguing enough for me to continue,